Making Sure You Have Good Friends

It takes effort to get along in this world!

Lacey Matlock and Gabriel Garcia

Friendship is likely one of the most important factors to a successful high school career, besides your grades and work effort, of course. Make sure you also follow our school rules! Clearly, around our school are many cliques and friendships, but how do you know who your real friends are? Now, this article is not meant to raise suspicion of those who don’t portray these traits, but to inform you about what others people think of friendship, and their experience with their best friend(s).

Starting with adults, Mrs. Norwood and Mrs. Douglas in the library agree that, “You can always give them a call, and talk to them about almost anything. The strangest of things will be accepted by them, and no matter how long you’re apart, you can talk again, and talk as if you’d never been separated.  No matter how many fights you get into, you never hold a serious grudge.” These two staff members were very insightful on the subject of friendships, and are important to know considering the students’ responses.

Two students, Westley Ransom and Josh Prichard, were interviewed, and Westley says that, “As you know, friendship can’t be bought, but we started getting along whenever I brought him food. Since then we always hang out at school, doing our geometry homework together and whatnot, and this all equates to a perfect friendship.” Josh then replied, “Yeah, I guess we just kind of clicked after a few small encounters.” Elicia Lane and Evan Cleghorn have been friends for over a year now, saying that, “Being in the LGBTQ community was what got us talking, and as simple as that, we kicked off almost immediately.” These tell us that particular communities and interactions can lead to the beginnings of friendships.

What is most likely is that students don’t often think about what makes their friendships work? We can be sure we grow in a community of people, and eventually we discover someone whom we connect with more than others. Friendships blossom in the most unlikely ways, and our staff and students agree that there is a relationship between friends, which is likely the most important component to a friendship.

We aren’t trying to make you question your friends, but we are just saying to make sure the relationships around you are good and positive. Ensuring that you are being treated correctly and as you deserve by your friends is just as important as how you treat them in return.