Once You Meet Cabel You’re Friends For Life

Meet Cabel


Mia Cliff

Cabel wearing his favorite color, red.

Mia Cliff

I met Cabel Perkins during my first one act rehearsal. He immediately introduced himself to me and made me feel welcome in an environment I wasn’t familiar with at all. My first impression of him was when he had portrayed Lurch in the Addams Family Musical at Doherty and his spectacular “Move Towards the Darkness” solo. He was clearly a talented senior who perfectly represented Doherty. 

Mr. Ryan Reed
The 2020 casts and crews for the One Acts

“My proudest moment [at Doherty] was being in the Addams Family,” he said.

“I like theater because everybody appreciates my talents and imagination.”

Cabel is a lot like his character Lurch. Lurch’s stature may be intimidating at first, but when you get to know him he’s the warmest soul in the room. “Lurch’s character inspires me because he’s a cool guy. He’s quiet, he’s strong, peaceful, and does a lot for his family,” he said.

“Cabels really a nice person overall and very determined,” said Ian Valk.

If he sounds familiar you may also know him from the library. Cabel is an official library assistant.

“I organize the books and tidy up the library, like pushing in chairs, cushioning up that couch and discarding books for the warehouse,” he said.

When Cabel is not fulfilling his titles at school he likes to, “walk, exercise, draw, act, and help people.” 

Cabel showed me some of his art during the interview. 

His drawings have a similar style to his favorite anime is InuYasha and Kill La Kill.

“I’m into actions and awesome stuff,” he said.

“The first anime I watched was Kiki’s Delivery Service,” he said.

Cabel definitely has a thing for action and adventure. We both share a love for the Jurassic Park franchise.

 “I like all of them,” he said.

I asked him about his necklaces. He told me that, “the dragon one my mom gave to me for a gift, how I see it is that there is a dragon soul inside me, and this hammer represents my ancestors, the Vikings,” he said.

Vikings are gallant travelers that spread their advanced wisdom to distant lands and seek friendships. It’s no surprise that Cabel shares the same wholesome energy with his distant ancestors. 

“My favorite hobby is making friends, because once you’re friends with Cabel Perkins, your friends for life,” he said.

“Cabels the dude you go to when you’re having a bad day,” said Soph Torres.

Cabel wearing his favorite color, red.

Something you may not know about Cabel when you first look at him is that he is a lot like the scientist Frankenstein.

“I’m kind of mysterious. I like a lot of things. There’s one thing people don’t know about me… I used to sew rubber animals to make hybrids,” he said. “Let’s say I’m some sort of crazy Frankenstein that makes his own toys,” he said.

I think his creations resemble colorful dragons.

When he graduates Cabel, “wants to live out on his own and try to act in Colorado, just have an interesting life.” 

“I want to be a special person here in the state,” he said.

I asked if he wanted to be a personality in Colorado, but before he settles down “there is one place I wanted to visit one day…New York City.”

The big apple awaits Cabel Perkins and his imaginative spirit.

“Ever since I saw a dragon as a kid I was amazed about flying in the sky, breathing fire, and how they look… I decided to draw my own.”