Snow Days Sadly Missed

On snow days, waking up in the morning and refreshing the page until a notification in the right corner pops up saying that school is closed for the day is the best feeling. Or your parents coming into your room to say you can sleep longer today because there is no school. Students get to catch up on sleep, watch movies while drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace, and go sledding. Imagine all of this being taken away.
The superintendent of District 11 has issued a policy of no snow days. Superintendent Micheal Gaal put out this policy because he thinks that because of Covid, students haven’t been able to learn as much. So on supposed snow days, there will be e-learning days, where students have to go to all of their classes but from home online. This makes it even harder for students to learn and teachers to teach.
Students might have bad internet because of the weather, being at home can be a big distraction, and it can be hard for students to focus. Two weeks ago, Superintendent Micheal Gaal sent out an apology for not calling a two-hour delay or snow day on a day with bad weather. Gaal stated in the email: “The inclement weather resulting in more snow than predicted, should have prompted me to call a two-hour delay.”
Many students love and enjoy snow days, but it is also not safe for students, teachers, and parents to be driving in such bad weather conditions that put their safety at risk. Here are Doherty, we surveyed students’ thoughts on the new e-learning instead of snow days.

Avery Fredrickson- “I think that the new e-learning instead of snow days sucks because I want to sleep in instead.”

Cavan Moehring- “I think it’s crazy that we don’t have snow days and we should have them and we should have snow days due to safety reasons.”

Jose Urrutia- “My opinion on snow days is we should have them often because I feel like the roads are really bad here in Colorado, so any time it snows really we should have a snow day.”

Sean Smith- “I think we should have snow days and they shouldn’t have canceled them.”

Gilly Spartz- “I dislike not having snow days because I think that when there’s snow we should be able to just have a snow day and have fun instead of doing school.”

Kendi Mello- “I think the no snow days is fine because you get done with school early, but also lame because you can’t sleep in but you can go to sleep after.”

Bre Phillips- “I think not having snow days is stupid because I feel like you should still be able to have fun on their days off instead of e-learning every time.”