The Spartan

2018-2019 Staff

Royal Zeas-Macall

I am an overly opinionated person with little time on my hands. I might have a "slight" caffeine addiction....

Jaylee Hudson

I'm Jaylee Hudson and I am a sophomore. I am in Science Olympiad. I've never eaten an orange.

Jianna West

I am a senior at Doherty and studied extensively the past four years in STEM focused programs.  I reinstated the newspaper in hopes to create a passionate, interesting forum for student voices and community events.

Megan Pyzola

I am a senior. I have been in yearbook for four years and a yearbook editor for three years. I have lived in Colorado Springs my whole life! I like taking pictures with my film camera. I love all dogs so much. If I could eat Chipotle...

Marynn Krull

I'm a freshman here at Doherty. I love writing, hanging out with friends, and getting a full eight hours of sleep

Kaitlin Brannen

I am a senior who enjoys running and naps. I am also a member of environmental club, astrology club, and an editor for of Doherty's yearbook.

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