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Jessica Franklin
The name Jessica is one of the most popular names out there. There's the fun Jessica, the quirky Jessica, the quiet Jessica, the way too loud Jessica. Which Jessica am I? All of those Jessica's turned into one. I was born on September 24th, 2001, and I grew up in Irving, Texas, which is a city not too far from Dallas. I moved to Colorado Springs at just 11 yrs old, and while it's not my real home like Texas is, it's filled with tons of adventures and sights to see. Some people might see me as quiet and reserved, but if you got to know me, you'd really wish that I were. Hiking and just being outdoors is definitely my thing, but if I see any bugs or reptiles, I always scream and then I'm stuck in my house for days. I'm always down for shopping or doing something fun, but with this terrible habit I have of spending my money on food (McDonalds and Dutch are sucking up my money) I'll have to take you up for the offer in the year 2021.

Jessica Franklin, TheSpartan Staff

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