Working During the Pandemic

Jende Korngor, Staff Writer

While schools are opening back up, job opportunities around Doherty are opening as well. Juniors and seniors may find the need for jobs that are convenient and flexible with their schedule. Doherty students have a vast variety of possible job opportunities nearby that are looking for students to apply.

I asked a recent high school graduate, Ty Hernandez, about what it’s like having a job while in high school.

On how to manage work and school, Ty Hernandez said, “If you’re not efficient and hard working in school you’re maybe not ready for a job, but you can always try. Always communicate with your manager/boss to make sure they know you’re still only a student.”

Having a job can be very productive for teens but some worry about others’ opinions of them because of their young age. Ty goes on to say: “I wasn’t really treated any differently by my coworkers because I was a kid, some assumed I was struggling financially at home, and others just saw me as a young kid working. At the end of the day, we are all there for a paycheck.”

When Ty got his first job, he was let off because of his poor work ethic. But his manager let him go with some words that Ty still uses today. “‘Sometimes you may fit the job description but the description may not fit you.’ I think about that every time I look for a new job” What his manager is saying is that you may qualify for a job, but sometimes it’s just not for you personally.

Ty talks about how adults sometimes have a bad perception of teens in the workplace. Ty says, “I was 15 when I got my first job. I had my workers permit. Managers [sometimes believe] that young teens only want to work so they can spend their first paycheck immediately. Managers I’ve spoken to think teens don’t have any goals for their money, [or that they] will only find work as another place to mess around.”

Because of this, I followed up with Ty on if getting his first job was hard. Ty explained his struggle of finding a job, “I tried getting a job right when I turned 15,[but] I ended up actually getting hired the day before my 16th birthday. It was very hard and frustrating for me, because I didn’t apply for jobs just because; I actually needed the money. But employers don’t understand that.”

Ty then goes on to talk about his wishes for the hiring age to be lower “ I wish the hiring age could be lower but at the same time it would be a bad idea, if the age was lower a lot of kids who may actually need money for whatever reason would find jobs [easier,] but at the same time there are the kids that apply with their friends and then mess around.”

Ty talks about the dos and don’ts of having and applying for jobs. “Don’t ever apply with your friends unless is coincidental. Employers sometimes assume you may know each other and refrain from hiring you both. Do pay attention in English and math class, I wish I did, I applied for a job at 16 and they included questions about math and English [in the interview].”

I asked Ty about the jobs he recommends teens should apply for his instant reply was: “Fast-food. It’s easy to get used to and is probably the only job that is quick to hire you. There are a lot of fast-food places around Doherty like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Other jobs could be baby or dog sitting, which are easy if you’re good with either of those.”

Ty makes very relatable points on being a teen looking for jobs. Ty’s last comment, said without hesitation,“Don’t waste your high school years only focusing on work, whether that be a job or schoolwork, school works you all hard enough.”