The Spartan

2019-2020 Staff

Mia Cliff

Opinions Editor

Hello! I'm Mia and I am proudly a part of the DHS newspaper. I have recently taken an interest in the many factors of journalism and the people who create articles. David Farrier, a New Zealand journalist, inspires me to discover...

Lacey Matlock

Section Editor

My name is Lacey Matlock and I enjoy giving people advice, having pets, and baking. I have always found myself giving helpful yet honest advice, and it just feels nice to help someone. I have two dogs, Bow and Molly, and one cat,...

Abbey Mansfield

Sports Editor

Hi, my name is Abbey Mansfield, and I am a senior.  I take pictures and write about sports news for The Spartan newspaper. I enjoy playing basketball for the girl's team here at Doherty. I also love hanging out with friends,...

Mikayla Captain

Design Specialist

Hi, my name is Mikayla Captain and I am a senior at Doherty. I love taking pictures of people and the outdoors. When I'm not taking pictures, I'm usually running and getting myself ready for track. Track season and fall are the...

Avery Randall

Student Life Editor

Hello, I’m Avery Randall, and I am passionate about yearbook, writing, and photography. My main hobbies are playing with friends at the park, watching movies, and sleeping in late. I love writing, so I love being in both Yearbook...

Brien Lemon

Photo and Design Specialist

Hi, I’m Brien! I’m co-leader of Photo and Design for DHS Newspaper. While photography is my passion in life, I love my dogs and working on my 1962 Studebaker Lark. I’m so glad to be a part of this very talented team of people.  

Brandy Carlson

TheSpartan Staff

Hi! I’m Brandy Carlson. I’m part of Doherty’s Newspaper. I enjoy photography and going to sports events and showing school spirit. I moved to Colorado Springs when I was 11. I like to go out with my friends and enjoy a good...

Anita Salazar

TheSpartan Staff

Hey! I’m Anita, but I also go by Nita, Marie, and Nini. I’m a junior and I’m 16. My birthday is April 22.  That happens to be Earth Day, and I also share a birthday with my aunt Kalya. We are 10 years apart. I work at ...

Victoria Mora

TheSpartan Staff

Hi, my name is Victoria Mora and I am a junior. I enjoy writing for fun, taking pictures, and broadcasting. I love to read, watch movies, and play video games. I like to watch sports and going to games. I like science and math....

Ashleigh McDonald

TheSpartan Staff

Hi, I'm Ashleigh McDonald, and I love storytelling, whether it's watching a story being told or telling one myself. I like creative writing more then hard hitting news pieces, but I'm all for trying something new. I also like...

Jayla-Renee Revello

TheSpartan Staff

Hi my name is Jayla, and I’m passionate about photography. My main hobbies are being a couch potato and binge watching on Netflix. I like talking about problems going on in the world, and also talking about some government problems....

Sydney Houston

TheSpartan Staff

Hello! My name is Sydney Houston, and I'm currently a part of the Doherty High School newspaper. I 'm a sophomore here. I also play soccer, but not for Doherty. I used to play for Pride Soccer Club, and I have been playing soccer...

Ben Courtright

TheSpartan Staff

Hi, I'm Ben Courtright, and I am one of the writers for the sports column of the Doherty news paper. I am 14 and I am a sophomore! I love to do cross country, and I love to run as well. I love to take pictures and write about...

Breanna Sanchez

TheSpartan Staff

I’ve always loved writing, especially when it involves things I’m passionate about. I can’t wait to be a part of this and give my fellow students a voice about what goes on in our school. I love listening to music like...

Gracie Baker

TheSpartan Staff

Hey, I’m Gracie. I am a part of the newspaper here at Doherty High School. I play soccer and hang out with my friends in my free time. I love all animals except birds because they scare me. If you talk to me about ocean pollu...

Vennisa Rendon

TheSpartan Staff

Hello! My name is Vennisa and I am part of this year's Newspaper. I am currently a sophomore at Doherty High. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, along with my furriest of friends my dog. Art and writing have been things...

Gabriel Garcia

TheSpartan Staff

Hey, there! I'm Gabriel Jose Garcia, and I am a simple guy. I love to eat rice and I love buses. Physically, I enjoy to hike, run, and read, and I hope you'll love reading what we have to say. And finally, for the paper, I work...

Sean Herrera

TheSpartan Staff

I’m pretty much a kind, easy going person to be around. If you ask anyone, they can all vouch I have some sort of sugar on me or in my locker. I’m around everywhere and if needed just flag me down and I'll be more than happ...

Jessica Franklin

TheSpartan Staff

The name Jessica is one of the most popular names out there. There's the fun Jessica, the quirky Jessica, the quiet Jessica, the way too loud Jessica. Which Jessica am I? All of those Jessica's turned into one. I was born on September...

Evan Cleghorn

Staff Writer

Heyo! My name is Evan Cleghorn, and I am a sophomore writer for Doherty's newspaper site: "The Spartan." I frequently write poetry, read, listen to music, watch romcoms, and also watch sitcoms. I'm a part of Doherty's theater...

Marynn Krull


Hey! I’m Marynn Krull, a sophomore writer for The Spartan here at Doherty. In my free time I love to hang out with friends and binge 90’s sitcoms. I sing in the women’s choir, volunteer with Environmental Club, help out...

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