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The Student News Site of Thomas B. Doherty High School

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The Student News Site of Thomas B. Doherty High School

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Hot Takes #7: The Final Edition
Brooklyn Vanderkooy, Creative Projects Editor • May 7, 2024
Hot Takes #6
Brooklyn Vanderkooy March 21, 2024
New Principal select Hillary Hienton talking to Samuel Courtright, who was streaming Activities Award Winner Ryan Magcagnon from a competition in Peru.
Our new Principal! 2024-2025
May 20, 2024

Students for years have begged administrators for Mrs. Hienton to become Doherty's principal. She is a great leader, individual, and overall makes kids feel safe and included in Sparta. Mrs. Hienton as of April 2024 became our...


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Mariela Sanchez
Mariela Sanchez
Sports Editor

I'm in 11th grade at Doherty High School. I want to do photography for the school newspaper. I love listening to music and writing.

Teagan Cox
Teagan Cox
Staff writer

Hey, my name is Teagan. I am a soccer player and have played since I was 4. I love sports and delivering it to the people who are a part of Sparta0

The Search for a New Principal
The Search for a New Principal
Annika Norman, Editor in Chief • May 16, 2024
Whats it like to grow up with Mexican roots? This anonymous Doherty author wanted to share her experience.
Mexican Pride Rose. 27 Apr. 2024. Tee Shirt Palace,
My Small Story
Anonymous April 29, 2024
Senior Games 2024: Some Seniors Take on Senior Assassination!
May 20, 2024

This year at Doherty High School the seniors played a game called “Senior Assassination.” The game includes signing up and trying to get opponents out with water guns, and most seniors play this game...

If you are ever interested in these programs, you need to talk to your counselor next year. They would be more than happy to help!
Your Future Opportunities
Rheese Mestas May 16, 2024

The end of the year is near, and the seniors are leaving Doherty High School. As some may know, a good few of these seniors have been steadily preparing themselves for college through various programs...

Student Sammi Long studying for upcoming tests. Studying is important for the PSAT and SATs
How to Prep for PSAT and SATs
Ryland Deegan, Spartan Staff • April 11, 2024
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Dominik Morelli bouncing the ball off his arm during a pre-season photoshoot.
Doherty Boys Baseball Facing Challenges
Madison Medlin-Wittenborn, Staff Writer • May 17, 2024

Doherty Spartan Baseball is already ready to wrap up their 23-24 season. So far they have a record of 8-11 and are third in league. The Doherty Boys have faced many challenges this season, due to a young...

Dempsey Shrader teaching Nola Kelly some new skills as the season takes off.
Unity Making a Change
Teagan Cox, Writer • November 28, 2023