Controlling Your Emotional State

Łukasz Strachanowski

“emotion icon” by Łukasz Strachanowski is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Elle Eastwood, Staff Writer

How many people experience an emotional state? About 1,000 people experience an emotional state, in a person’s everyday life, it seems that a “patient” suffers from an emotional break downs, depression as well as obsessive thoughts. There are a million different ways to try to get rid of depression and obsessive thoughts to boost your emotional state. I have at least 20 different thoughts, opinions and tricks as well. But I’ll name at least 2 or more tips and advice. Another great fact is that 2.5 times of the human mind has positive emotions more often than negative emotions; however; about 80% of humans per-day experience negative or positive emotions. Now I will give you 2 to 5 different thoughts, opinions and tricks on ways you can handle negative emotional states.

Option one, the most important thing is too look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself you’re beautiful, and your worth something. Self-worth should be such a major priority especially after getting involved in a serious relationship or friendship. A lot of  relationships every year, month or even in the span of a few days experience problems such as fear, overthinking, and obsessive thoughts as well. Those type if thoughts can really kill your relationship with your loved one. The best thing to do is, have a deep talk with your loved one. Depending on how it goes you can see the red flags or they can reassure your anxieties. Tell yourself, “they aren’t that type of person to just leave.” About 6.8 billion experience break-ups per-year, some break-ups “kill” someone’s heart. Break-ups can cause others to deal with depression, anxiety and trouble trusting others. Now to deal with your emotional state involving relationship issues could be to have a deep talk with your partner. Another important thing would be too make sure you have some space and you time. Self-love is important to have a good balance within a relationship. Communication, trust, honesty, loyalty, compromise etc. are all so important in a relationship.

Another way or thing that can bring down your emotional state down is depression. Depression can kill a lot of people that deal with any type of problem, such as harassment, bullying, and many other things. Some things I can’t say because of some other personal reasons. 20.6% of people deal with depression, depression is a very powerful thing. People with depression deal with obsessive thoughts, a “voice in their head” or just deep dark thoughts. A way to deal with depression is to call any help hotline or tell a trusted adult, counselor or even a trusted friend. A couple of ways to control your emotions is to, listen to soft and calming music, surround yourself with any family or friends. Try to eat some food, drink water and stay away from negative relationships for awhile to. It is always good to cry, it helps relieve stress, but always try to think positive thoughts because it helps boost your emotional state.


That is all I know how to deal with your emotional state, but please if you need emotional support or someone to talk to please, call a 1-800 help hotline or talk to a friend.