How To Stay Safe This Summer 

Isaiah Simpson

According to Healthline, “As more states begin reopening, experts say socializing with a limited number of friends and family outside of your home is safe if certain precautions are made.” Meanwhile, many question whether it is safe to get together with friends if people make the right safety precautions, like staying six feet away from others and wearing your face mask while in a public place. Healthline also says to create a friend group that you know doesn’t have the virus, and only interact with them and nobody else. 

One way to hang out with friends safely is to hang out with your friends virtually to keep in touch with friends and family. A couple of ways that you can hang out with friends are to talk over social media, play video games, and call or Facetime. Something else to do is to host a virtual movie night, which allows people to hang out without the possibility of getting sick.  Another way to hang out with friends safely is to avoid gathering with large groups of people. Another way to hang out with your friends safely is to do outdoor activities like going for a walk or going to a park or even just walk around. Inside, it would be hard to stay away from the virus that people are letting out because it’s in a tighter space. 

Things that make outside safer than inside is that the virus is traveled by air and if you’re outside in a big space then the virus can go get pushed away by the other air.  A couple fun things to do with friends this summer and stay safe is to find a new city or place and just take a walk through the city. Another thing to do is to go camping with a small group of family or friends. It is important to do these activities because it keeps you safe, but most importantly  others are kept safe too.