Current Students Brainstorm Tips for Incoming Freshmen


Teris Tatum

Students from Ms. Southard’s 6th period Spartan Center class gather for a picture after brainstorming advice for the upcoming 9th graders.

How are you going to be successful in high school? We asked Ms. Southard’s 6th period freshmen for advice on having a great first year. Here are there tips:

Be responsible.

Do your work.

Don’t ditch class.

Don’t disrespect your elders.

Do your work on time.

Keep up the hard work all the way to the end.

Try not to miss school.

Don’t get behind.

Don’t get influenced by peer pressure.

Make a good name and reputation for yourself.

Join a club or activity and be a part of an organization.

Don’t make bad friends.

No cheating.

Don’t slack off.

Don’t get into unhealthy relationships.