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Maximizing Lunchtime Adventures

Alessia Bennett
Doherty students checking out the lunch options at McDonalds during lunch.

High school students are no strangers to the allure of lunchtime adventures. With Doherty High School conveniently located in a semi-urban area, there’s no shortage of options for students seeking a break from cafeteria fare. While some gravitate towards the nearby McDonald’s for its proximity, others with transportation opt for more distant favorites like Canes or Chick-fil-A. However, the popularity of lunchtime outings hasn’t been without its challenges; the sizable student population has led to certain establishments, such as Sonic, shutting their doors due to issues like fights and loitering. 

Venturing beyond the school gates for lunch isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s an exploration of taste and community. Local lunch spots and coffee shops offer many different flavors and cooking styles, inviting students to expand their culinary horizons. In addition to the delicious food experience, backing these small businesses boosts the local economy and cultivates a lively community atmosphere. These establishments act as gathering places where students can form relationships, swap tales, and embrace the neighborhood spirit. Furthermore, their commitment to learning valuable life skills such as managing finances and interacting courteously with others. 

Among the student body, McDonald’s, Little Caesars, and Humble Bee coffee shop are among the favorites. McDonald’s is prized for its speedy service and familiar menu, while Little Caesars appeals to groups with its wallet-friendly pizzas. Humble Bee, with its relaxed atmosphere and variety of beverages and snacks, provides a cozy retreat for those seeking respite from the school day hustle. 

For students looking to navigate lunchtime adventures effectively, practical tips are important. Budgeting wisely by occasionally packing lunch from home, utilizing student discounts, and setting spending limits can help curb expenses. Efficient time management involves planning ahead, prioritizing tasks, and breaking down larger projects into manageable steps. Transportation options such as walking, biking, public transit, or carpooling with friends offer both convenience and cost-effectiveness. Safety remains paramount, with students encouraged to stay vigilant, stick together in groups, and communicate their whereabouts to trusted individuals. 

By embracing these strategies, Doherty High School students can enrich their lunchtime experiences, savoring new culinary delights, fostering community connections, and honing essential life skills. With a blend of adventure and practicality, lunchtime becomes not just a break from the school day, but a rewarding journey of exploration and growth.  

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