Doherty Gets Ready for Spirit Week


Jenny George

Heading into Spirit Week, Juan Cardona Marino fires up the crowd at the volleyball match on September 12th against Pueblo County.

Sydney Houston and Vennisa Rendon

Doherty High School is getting ready to celebrate their jungle-themed spirit week for the 2019 Homecoming season. Jammin’ in the Jungle days consist of Crazy Hair Day on Monday, Hippie Day on Tuesday, PJ day on Wednesday, Tourist Day on Thursday, and the annual Blue and Green Day on Friday.

Spirit Week preps the school for the big, upcoming events of the weekend.  Sophomore Jessica Stewart is looking forward to it: “I kind of dig it, but it’s kind of weird.”

The Homecoming Dance is also jungle themed, but it will be a normal school dance.  Cammilia Parzani, a foreign exchange student from Italy, said, “I’m excited for it because in Italy we don’t have a Homecoming.” The dance will be held in the cafeteria, and the price is $35 at the door.

Head of security Billy Porter is ready for the week. “We don’t do enough as a student body, but this school has definitely [got] a lot of character and it’s a really special place.

Librarian Janet Norwood says, “I love it! I think it is great!”