Cross Country Team Inspires Other Teams to Run

Benjamin Courtright, TheSpartan, Staff Writer


Do you know why the Doherty Cross Country team hosts the Never Alone 5k? The team uses this race to raise money for the Never Alone Foundation because one of the staff members lost his family in a flood. Every year the Doherty Cross Country team hosts the Never Alone 5K and every year it is a big success. This year the race was held on August 17th and it was the 9th year that the cross country team has hosted this meet.

There are two races that are involved in this. First there is the open race that has all the people that signed up for it and it also has all of the Doherty sports teams including football, golf, basketball, softball, volleyball, and cheer. The second race that occurred was the cross country scrimmage, which is all of the actual cross country teams from other schools. The scrimmage is a great way to show how good you are at running and it also helps out when there are lots of teams participating.

When I asked the head coach of the cross country team Mr. Duensing why he chooses to put on this race, he said he likes what the Never Alone Foundation does and he likes supporting Dr. Alex.

The race is held at Monument Valley Park and it is for one of the staff members Dr. Alex who lost his family in a flood.

One of the football players, Carter Furbush, explained why he ran the race: “I do it because I am forced to, but I like to do things for the greater good.”