Link Leaders: Heroes in Spartan Capes

Mia Cliff, Section Editor

What is Link Crew? “As an eighth grader, I was filled with anxiety over the fact that I was starting high school and becoming a freshman. I was going to be at the bottom of a food chain where I didn’t know the rules. Having no older siblings to reassure me didn’t make it better,” said senior Mia Cliff.

How do they help? “On the most highly anticipated first day, I found sanctuary in the hands of Link Leaders. The welcoming smiles of upperclassmen helping me through first day jitters and never-ending hallways was so relieving. I can’t imagine how much of a mess I would be without someone telling me it was okay to be new,” said  Cliff.

“My leader showed me where I needed to go and I talked about soccer with a leader who plays here,” said Gracie Baker. Link Crew is a student leadership program mainly focused on leading and mentoring freshman throughout the school year.

The requirements to become a member are a questionnaire, non relative recommendation, and printed attendance and transcript record. As a Link Crew member, you could be a model for kids beginning to pursue their passions in high school. Represent Doherty culture by encouraging success in our future graduates. Events required to attend like Freshman First Day of School and Cram and Cocoa are designed to ease students into being a true Spartan.

“At the Spartan Center I help freshmen with their stress and anxiety,” said junior ShaKira Shivers. Link Crew is as equally beneficial for the leaders. Leaders get to absorb the culture of Doherty to the fullest extent. You will be busy with social events, problem solving, and volunteering.

Your heroism will be gratified with a graduation cord and an extracurricular activity to include in your college application. If you are becoming a junior or senior, you should definitely consider joining Link Crew. The club will offer exciting opportunities for you to improve your leadership qualities while attending fun events! If you are interested in becoming a leader, contact the adviser Mrs. Reinmeth.

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