When You’re an Addams

Snap Back WIth the Addam's Family

It is no secret that “The Addams Family” musical was the perfect way to end the ghoulish month of October. The cast was electrifying in the best ways with tricks up their sleeves sure to make the audience howl at the moon. Doherty’s fall musical was a refreshing treat for the whole family, including those summoned from the grave.

“You get to see familiar faces in a new light. It’s a big twist on the Adams Family,” said senior stage manager JoeAnn Santana.  

Wednesday (Tori Smith) falls hopelessly in love with a “normal” boy Lucas (Evan Mulins). We get to see their polar opposite families clash in two musical acts of mature one liners and heartfelt family moments.

“In the show she’s super conflicted between family and love. She’s still the same Wednesday you know and love; the one who loves torturing her brother, but she is also experimenting with the lighter side of things. She has taught me to embrace your flaws and darkness instead of pushing away,” said senior Tori Smith.

“In the show Lucas is torn on who he is. He is stepping out of his comfort zone to make this love thing work with Wednesday. He has taught me to be more impulsive and open to new experiences,” said junior Evan Mullins. 

 “The Addams Family” musical is based on: book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa based on characters created by Charles Addams.

Dohertys performance of “The Addams Family” musical was directed by Mr. Ryan Reed and his talented student directors Nadia Diaz ⁠— Fossen and Sophia Torres. Musical director and pit director Mr. Todd Dicamillo recognized for his direction of the flawless score performed by Doherty’s orchestra that had the whole auditorium snapping in delight. Choreographing iconic scenes such as Gomez (Cole Russell) and Morticia’s (Chloe Cardozo) tango thanks to Ms. Lindsay Kellen accompanied by dance captains Lauren Perkins and Bryan Franklin. 

Bringing the stage back to life with the impressive two story stage resembling the Addams family charming household and props to make your skin crawl made the audience feel right at home. 

Audience members and parents expressed the musical was “fabulous!” and “the set was really great and the acting was amazing.” Next is the One Acts and then a play next semester.