Homework Stresses and Stretches Teens

Do high school kids have too much homework? Many people feel that some have way too much or not enough homework. Too much homework can be stressful at times if you have an after school club or sport. When you have to deal with homework, school, and clubs, it can be hard to keep on top of things. Some kids have over three hours of homework a day and that could mean staying up till 11:30-12:00.

If kids are staying up late at night to do homework, they won’t get enough sleep and will not be ready for school the next day, which could mean that they fall behind and then have more and more homework each day. After school kids can have many activities to do like a sport which means that they won’t get home till at least 5:00 and when they get home they usually start homework and then eat dinner and then continue to do homework. When I interviewed Amber Sandry about having too much homework, he said, “[I] definitely [have too much.] I’m a senior and I shouldn’t have any.” On the other hand, I interviewed Isaac Courtright and he said, “I usually don’t have any homework, but when I do I have a lot”.

Most students have very little to no free time when they get home because they are working on homework. Sophomore Conner Egglton said, “I have way too much homework. I usually don’t get to do anything when I get home because I am too busy doing homework.”

Homework can be a very stressful thing. Many teachers give way too much homework and most students agree that they should give less.