Finding a Place in Anime

Gracie Baker, Staff Writer

You may wonder what Anime Club is all about. Anime Club is a club where people with similar interests who like anime can come together and be themselves. It was started by two students here at Doherty, Sarah Capper and Jennavieve Garman.

The club’s advisor is Ms. Provenzano, who took over the club after the advisor left last year. The club meets in room 101 on Thursdays. “My simple goal was to advise a club that made people feel like they belonged.” Ms Provenzano. The club is a judgment free zone where anyone can come talk  about/draw/share their interests related to the anime realm.

Each week Anime Club has a different anime playing. While some watch the program, others play Pokemon card games, and others draw and share.  It might look a little different from week to week.  Every week the kids are very interested in learning about what makes anime so special, not only to them, but to their classmates.

If this gave you a whole new perspective on the club or you’re interested talk to Ms. Provenzano, go to room 101 on Thursdays. You can also talk to the starters of the club, Sarah Capper and Jennavieve Garman.