FCCLA Preparing Students for the Future

Mikayla Captain, Staff Writer

Let’s start with what FCCLA is! FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. This club allows kids to prepare for their life after high school and develop skills that may help them. This is a club at Doherty with Mrs. Flemr and Mrs. Ager as the advisors. These students join together to solve teen violence, family relationships, substance abuse and health concerns. At Doherty we have FCCLA and many students from freshmen to seniors are in the club. This club helps Doherty by doing pasta for Harvest of Love and running the tailgates at our football games. Sound interesting? Well, you can join as long as you’ve taken one of their classes in the Family and Consumer’s Department. Once you join you’ll meet every Tuesday at lunch and they are always looking for new people!