Snow Day Before Finals?!

Avery Randall, Section Editor

On Sunday, December 15th, 2019, District 11 was struck with the surprising news that there was to be a 2-hour delay on Monday the 16th,  due to inclement weather to start the week of finals ( everyones’ least a favorite week). Many students were happy about the 2-hour delay knowing they’d still have time to study for upcoming days of finals and get questions if needed. On Monday morning, December 16th, there was an update that District 11 schools were closed for that day due to many accidents happening from icy roads the day prior. Doherty students were surprised about the snow day, but many were not.

“I was kind of disappointed we didn’t get that day to study for finals,” said Sidney Lawyer.

Students took the opportunity to study for finals while others were not being able to get from teachers for help on study guides and questions for review. Our school has already made plans to take off minutes at lunch and late starts next year, cutting off 4 minutes of late starts and 5 minutes from our lunch.  Having this surprise snow day put a dent in getting help from teachers and setback  teachers that had things planned for that day and couldn’t.

“I loved it because it gave me more time to study for finals,” said freshman Blake Smith. Junior Katie Hernandez had a different opinion, “I lost an opportunity to ask more questions.”

Even though we had a set back in days to get help for studying and getting help on questions for our study guides,  students were still able to get help from teachers and were able to ask questions and get clarification on their study guides. Hopefully next year we won’t have the same issue, but changes will be made to be from the number of days that we have lost over the semester.