Player of the Week


Taylor Corsi drives to the basket during a game against Rampart. Photo credits: Christy Decker

Abbey Mansfield, Section Leader

Senior Taylor Corsi starts for the Doherty Spartans Girls Varsity Basketball team, and is one of the team’s top scorers and rebounders. She has played basketball since about 5th grade with her fellow varsity teammates.  Corsi played all throughout middle school and her freshman year for the Spartans, but the journey hasn’t always been easy. 

During her sophomore year of high school, only a few games into the Varsity season, Taylor went onto the court to play in the home Liberty game. She was going up for a layup when a player on the opposing team collided into her mid-air, causing her ACL in her knee to tear. Her teammates and the crowd were devastated, and knew almost immediately that Taylor would be out for the rest of the season. She ended up needing surgery to fix her injuries in her left knee, which took place about a month after the collision. She received constant support from her peers and her teammates. “The injury has really shaped me as a person,” Taylor said.  “I’ve learned that there is a lot more to life than just basketball.”

About nine months after her surgery, she was able to get back on the floor to start her junior year on varsity. Corsi wore a stylish knee brace on her left knee to help protect her from further injuries. She was very excited to be back again with the team, and played well for several games until an away game at Vista Ridge, when Taylor’s season was once again cut short. After catching the ball and trying a spin move on the defender, her leg twisted and she tore her ACL again for the second year in a row. This time she also fractured her tibia.

Her teammates were also upset about one of their starters being injured again, along with her parents and coaches. Fellow player Caylee Dewitt says, “Taylor is kind, generous, and one of the most supportive people I know.”

Corsi once again went through surgery and physical therapy for months to heal her left knee. During the summer time while she was still recovering, the head coach for Varsity, Patrick McKiernan, asked Taylor to coach the upcoming 8th and 9th grade Doherty girls team for summer league. Taylor really enjoyed being able to be back in the program, as well as teaching young girls about basketball. Her team did very well in the league, and the girls and Taylor had a great time. 

However, the injury was still a long and hard recovery for Taylor and her family, but for her senior year Taylor is able to compete once more. Taylor Corsi is now a captain on Varsity, and averages seven points per game along with two assists per game and four and a half rebounds a game. 

“I feel like if I didn’t get hurt, I would definitely play in college and have a few offers from some of my favorite schools,” Taylor said.  The injuries have really limited her high school playing time, but she’s back stronger than ever this year.

Corsi says, “The hardest part about coming back from the injury was definitely the first two months of physical therapy, but I never felt left out on the team.”

She returned to the team like she never left, and has played her heart out ever since she got back. Her team high scoring performance at the Palmer game may have college coaches talking again about a girl that just won’t quit.