Senior Director Profiles – One Acts 2020


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The fantastic minds that directed the 2020 One Acts!!

Evan Cleghorn and Mia Cliff

Every year, Mr. Reed gives seniors the opportunity to direct a play of their choice. Their titles as student directors are truly honorable because they are trusted with the responsibility of achieving a theatre production for the whole school to enjoy. The directors of each one act is given a senior profile in the show’s paper, but they did not receive one this year. Due to this, we decided to ask the directors a few questions to get a profile now!


The following quotes are from each director, in the order of each show’s placement:


Our Place

Soph Torres
One of the directors for the One Act “Our Place,” Soph Torres!

Soph Torres: “Directing has taught me that people ask a lot of dumb questions and [I]’m not good at answering them. If you want to be a [director,] you need to make sure that you can be [the] good guy and [the] bad guy. Also keep in mind that while you’re learning, you gotta make sure that your cast is too. The shows are fun but [you should still] make sure that everyone is still working. [If you want to be involved in the One Acts], [j]ust audition! If you’re worried you can always ask a thespian for advice. Theatre is a little crazy family that will always be there to support you no matter what, and [it’s] just nice to have that safe space in such a big school. All of my past directors have given me a home and a wonderful experience[,] and [I] just wanted to provide the same to others. In the beginning[, I] thought [that I] was a loser[,] but now [I] feel like [I] have a reason for being here.”

Nadia Diaz-Fossen
One of the directors for the One Act “Our Place,” Nadia Diaz-Fossen!

Nadia Diaz-Fossen: “Directing gives you a completely different perspective on acting. It opened my eyes to the common mistakes of the acting world, and taught me how to improve them in not only my cast, but myself as well. [If you want to be a director, w]ork hard. Harder than you think you’ll have to. Build a positive rapport with your peers, and be yourself! It is a grueling and tedious process, but it also is the most rewarding position you’ll experience thus far. [If you want to be involved in the One Acts, p]ush yourself! Be outgoing, lay your heart on the table at auditions. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, the student directors are beyond excited to see you and are probably as nervous as you are. Have fun with it! I’ve been in [h]igh school theatre since freshman year, but what gave me the push I needed to dive head first were the stories. Hearing how much fun everyone had with the productions and how much love is intertwined with the community is enough to get anyone to join. [I decided to become a director because] I have always loved acting, but I knew deep down I could put a lot more of my heart into directing. Helping others to be confident and comfortable with themselves as an actor and a person is the best feeling in the world. I would be stupid to let that opportunity pass me by. I have grown and improved vastly since my beginning days of being a thespian. I was incredibly anxious, reserved, and insecure with myself. After opening up and trying new things, I was able to be [part of the] theatre cabinet two years in a row, get casted into countless shows, letter, and have the pleasure of directing. Good things come out of scary experiences, and I encourage everyone who’s interested to take risks and enjoy every single second of it, no matter the outcome.”


The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet

The director for the One Act “The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet,” Chloe Cardozo!

Chloe Cardozo: “Directing was way harder than I thought it would be[. H]owever[,] it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had! [If you want to be a director, c]ome to rehearsal prepared with blocking! […Also,] love the show you pick. It will make you even more proud when [your] cast brings it to life! [If] you’re thinking about doing the one acts, do it! It’s so much fun and you will meet some pretty awesome people. [I was inspired to join theatre because m]y brother and sister always did theatre and told me how much fun it was, so I thought I’d give it a try! I’m so glad I did. [I was inspired to be a director because g]etting to see some of my friends direct in previous years and have a blast really inspired me to do the same! When I was in my first show, I was terrified and nervous that I would mess up. When I would watch the seniors do it so confidently, I thought it was so inspiring. But once I got to know everyone better I got way more comfortable!”


Face First

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One of the directors and writers of the One Act “Face First,” Kyra Reily!

Kyra Reilly: Directing is a completely different experience than acting, especially when directing your peers. I learned how amazing it is seeing a story come to life and how many different aspects go into making a show come together. [If you want to be a director,] DO IT! Even if directing isn’t something you wish to do in the future, it gives you a very well rounded experience and a chance to put your artistic creativity into more characters than your own. One Acts are an amazing way to get into theatre, a very comfortable segway into MainStage acting, and an incredibly fun experience for everyone involved. [I was inspired to join theatre because it] is something I have been doing since I was 5 and I have never found something I love doing more. Theatre isn’t about ‘lying about who you are; it’s about telling someone else’s truth.’ [I became a director because] I wanted to see theatre from all different sides as well as see a story that I helped create come to life. I was a very scared freshman coming into high school theatre, but now, there’s no place that feels more like home.”

dohertytheatre1920 on instagram
One of the directors and writers of the One Act “Face First,” Tori Smith!

Tori Smith: “Directing gives you a completely different perspective on theatre. Seeing the relationships form between the cast members and how much each person grew was truly amazing, and I had never really noticed it before as a performer. You get to see the entire process unfold. [If you want to be a director, then t]he most important thing is the environment you create. Yes, you want the show to be good. Yes, you want to have fun. But the most important thing is making those involved feel like they have a safe environment to create and be themselves. [If you want to be apart of the One Acts, t]ake risks! It’s always more interesting to watch someone make a strong decision that didn’t work than to watch someone play it safe. Theatre is a super welcoming and supportive place so don’t be afraid to try something different! [I joined theatre because] I’ve always loved creating, and there is something beautiful about seeing a story portrayed rather than just reading or hearing one. It also is one of the most friendly communities. The student directed one-acts was the first show I was in a Doherty, and it was where I met a lot of my friends and became a lot more confident on stage, and I wanted to provide that experience to others. When I first started out, I was super quiet and afraid to do anything that make make me look silly. I’ve become a lot more confident as a performer, and I understand a lot more now about how to create a character on stage.”