A Senior’s Perspective on the Pandemic


Photo Courtesy Malissa Harbicon.

Senior Malissa Harbicon is encouraging others to journal during this trying time.

Malissa Harbican, TheSpartan.org Guest Writer

I would like to express my feelings on COVID-19 as a senior in high school. Let me tell you, I’m disappointed and lonely, but mostly just sad. Up until now, I was simply rolling with the punches of the school year. Get through my classes, do the best I can, do a couple new things, graduate, then I’m off to college. Those WERE my thoughts. I joined the girl’s high school wrestling team for the first time as a senior, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And I broke my collarbone the 3rd match of the season with NO regrets. I got accepted into my first choice for college. I was dead set on setting personal records and making it to the state level for track and field after three years of a love-hate relationship with the sport. But the pandemic has shifted my thoughts.

Was I grateful enough? Did I take it all for granted, or with a grain of salt? I’m not sure. I didn’t even know that I had the expectations I did until I realized I may never experience the things a senior typically would. Prom. Graduation. Senior skip day. One last yearbook signing. I WISH I could go back to school and say proper goodbyes to my friends and teachers. I don’t know if I will get to. And that’s what makes me the saddest. It’s been less than a week of quarantine, and I already miss the sound of my friends’ voices, interacting with my classmates, and greeting my teachers. I mean IN PERSON. Not over social media. I’ve never thought of myself as an extrovert, and I certainly enjoy time alone. I don’t have any siblings at home, and I’m honestly not sure what I can do with my parents. Each day I’ve woken up, done school work, then have free time to do with what I want. I’ve been drawing, painting, playing video games, watching movies, scrolling through social media. Perhaps I would feel better if I dedicated some
time outside each day. But is that a good idea? This is a time of uncertainty if I’ve ever seen one.
I can’t say I’m all down in the dumps though, otherwise, I’d be lying.

Bless Disney+ and the Mandalorian. All kidding aside, I’m grateful I’ve got friends I can chat with. I know that in a couple months we’ll be moving on, COVID-19 to our backs. I’ve got hope, and it helps to get bottled up feelings down and out of the way. Already, I feel better after getting my thoughts out. This slice of time in our lives is going to be history, and I would like to encourage each and every person to journal about it. Make it personal – weave your feelings into the words you write and place it somewhere safe. Your posterity will want to know. All the future history geeks will love you for it. With this, I bid everyone to stay safe and to be smart.