Student Bathrooms Need Some Help

Avery Randall, The Spartan Section Editor

The Doherty bathrooms are a huge problem at our school! The bathroom stalls should have hooks so students don’t have to swing their jackets over the stalls  and so students don’t have to set our backpacks on the ground causing them to get dirty. The bathroom floors are pretty wet and gross.

Many students complain about the state of the bathrooms. Students also complain that some of the locks on the stalls don’t work and some voiced concerns about being stuck in the stalls when the locks fail to disengage. While interviewing students at the school, numerous people have said that the science bathroom on the far end is missing a lock in the girls’ bathroom. Students have to hold the door shut, so students don’t walk into the used stall. 

Finding a free stall is sometimes a problem, but so is finding the right supplies. “There are not enough stalls in the girl’s bathroom. There is always a line and the and the math bathroom never has soap,” said senior Cassandra Miller.

Some girls at the school say that there should be free feminine items in the bathrooms for emergencies when it is their time of the month. This would make it so they don’t have to go down to the nurse’s office to ask for these products, and so they don’t have to embarrass themselves by asking people they might not know. If the products were available in the bathrooms, they could get right back to class.

In general, there should be gender-neutral bathrooms for trans students because that is a big thing that needs to change for our school. Gender-neutral students do not feel uncomfortable using the bathrooms, and other students shouldn’t worry about this issue.

Many others have complained about the smell of the bathrooms, saying that they smell like gas chambers or smell gross in general. Students wish that there were vents or air fresheners so that the bathrooms can finally smell good. Some students say they don’t want to use the bathrooms because of the smell.

 “Air fresheners would be good because it smells so bad in the bathrooms,” said sophomores Ava Neuharth and Amber Rail.

 Another problem with the bathrooms in the Swim Bathroom is the sink faucets need to be fixed. The girls have problems with having to hold the knob, keeping the water from shutting off for a while. Also, the showers take a long time to heat up.

  “They should be kept high maintenance like the swim locker faucets,” said Junior Ella Adler.