Hunter Reaches out to Sparta


photo courtesy Hunter Portaleos

Hunter Portaleos is pictured working on his narrative for his English class.

Hunter Portaleos, Guest Writer

Hello Spartans! Many of you may know me as the “Knower of All Things D11” or even the “Knower of All Things Doherty.” My name is Hunter Portaleos, and I am a senior here at Doherty, and am PROUD TO BE A SPARTAN! Through my years here at Doherty and in D11 I have gained so many different experiences, such as: stage managing theater performances, running social media for D11, being part of a Student Advisory Board with superintendent Dr. Thomas, and working on all four yearbooks. The list goes on forever. I was asked to write a little bit about myself and how I am handling the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Through this very unpredicted time, I am making sure that not only myself, but everyone around me is okay. I would like to say that being a senior during this time has been hard because I, and all other seniors who have worked hard the last 13 years to hit a huge milestone in our lives, might not be able to walk across the stage, or go to our last prom, participate in events, sign yearbooks, and the list goes on.

I know that many seniors, their parents, and all families, are worried that they may not get to see their senior walk, but I can assure you that the District along with Doherty, will do all they can to celebrate the #Classof2020!

I am not sure what I will be doing during our time off as I am always at school and a known joke between me and many of the admin and staff is “I have a room somewhere in the school with a cot and blanket” so I can sleep there since I am there almost all the time. But of course that’s not true.

I would like to close this out with saying, I know we as SPARTANS can get through this as we have the last four years with natural disasters and so much more.

Thank you for reading!

Hunter Portaleos