Memes and Quarantine


Mia Cliff, The Spartan Section Editor

I have noticed generations have their own approaches to coping with the global pandemic. Boomers are socially distancing from their grand kids, Gen X are constantly grocery shopping, Millennial’s are travelling, and Gen Z is using the digital world to communicate. 

Our generation has so much free time now to create and share content that makes light of the outbreak and uses humor to cope. After hearing that my senior year was basically cancelled, and I won’t be seeing my friends for months, I found myself on Tik Tok and Twitter for comfort too. It was nice to see that people around the world who were being affected the same way as me and unfortunately worse took advantage of the situation to put a smile on some faces. 

I asked Sparta to send me some of their favorite memes and tweets that have made quarantine a little more bearable. Here’s the first batch. Keep them coming! You can email me at [email protected]

Junior Soph Putnam’s favorite
Sophomore Marynn Krulls favorite.


Senior Audrey Digiglio’s favorite.


Junior Leandro Eduardo’s favorite


Sophomore Evan Cleghorn’s favorite


Junior AJ Lopez’s favorite


Freshman Sydney Digiglio’s favorite


Junior Summer Schandoney’s favorite


Feel free to chat in the comments. And stay strong Sparta!