Juliana Bomark’s Inspirational Story

Avery Randall, The Spartan Staff

Junior Juliana Bomark has overcome adversity to compete in sports. One of the biggest accomplishments was competing on the girl’s swim team. Juliana was just one of the many girls on that team who worked hard to get to where she is now, but one thing that she dealt with was allergic reactions to the chlorine in the water. Her skin was very sensitive to the water. But even with the sensitivity of her skin, that never stopped Juliana from starting the season off strong and finishing the season off with a bang. As she said, “Swimming was very fun pastime and a sport I always enjoyed.”

Juliana is a very outgoing student when it came to swimming. Her first-period class was Lifeguarding, and during her gym class she was a lifeguard who would demonstrate swimming techniques and would work with students. To be a lifeguard there, she noticed that there are many precautions that she had to be aware of. “I loved being able to learn the different saves and workings with others who have the same interests in being a lifeguard,” she said. “One big thing about being a lifeguard is that you have to stay alert all the time.”

With her interest in swimming, Julie wanted to join the swim team, and her parents were a big impact on her life and this decision. She works very hard at every practice during the swim season, and she even had to swim with her condition. It was painful for her, but she kept through it and pushed through every practice and every meet. “It was very painful swimming in the water, but it’s something I’ve always loved to do, so I pushed through and ended up having fun.”

At every practice, there is one thing that Julie has done, and it helps get her through her practices and even competitions. When I asked her, she told me one of the biggest things is that you should always have a great attitude, be positive and not worry about what’s around you. She always does her best at the meets, cheering on her fellow teammates. “[I love] the team atmosphere, everyone on the team was so kind and supportive. They’re always their cheering others and competing,” she said.

When I asked Julie what one of her biggest accomplishments after being on the swim team and being a lifeguard at Doherty was after the swim season was over, Julie said she was offered a job at Villa Sports to be a lifeguard. “I was able to do what I love two times a day,” she was enthused about the job offer when it first appeared.

After my interview with Juliana I have learned that she never gave up when it came to be on the swim team. with her skin condition and she always persevered during her practices and meets and even outside of swim. “Though it was hard to be in in the water twice a day. My skin was a lot worse than normal.” So now she’s glad to get a bit of a rest. “I’m glad that after this season, my skin can have a break and be able to breath.” During any meet or practice you are always sure to count on Julie to cheer you on.