March Madness has become March Sadness due to COVID-19


Garry Berry Stadium will leave their field lights on in order to participate int he statewide challenge called “BetheLIght”

Abbey Mansfield, Section Editor

Due to the world-wide known pandemic that first occurred in February, many parts of our daily life have been affected. From school, to work, to hospitals, to sports, the Coronavirus has impacted humans and how we live, for the past few months. As far as sports go, a lot has changed and been cancelled because of the, now global, pandemic. 


Across the world, many athletes have contracted this disease without knowing, and spread it to many of their teammates. For example, the first NBA know to have is was Rudy Gobert on the Utah Jazz, made a joke about the disease and ended up giving it to many of his teammates. Because of how fast this virus has spread, and on such a small timeline, it was almost impossible to prevent it at first. For example, social distancing rules have cancelled many well-known sports events.


The 2020 Summer Olympics has been postponed, NBA and WNBA games are over for the season, along with March Madness that is held in America. Many sports fans are devastated at this news, along with the athletes who just lost the end of a season of basketball. Some of these athletes maybe had their chance to move to the NBA, but had that stripped away from them because of the air-born sickness.


Adding to the disappointment, these corporations and advertisers, just lost a lot of money on the second biggest sports televised tournament (next to the Super Bowl) in the USA. Millions of dollars are made every year on these games, and now these companies have just lost their most profitable event of the year. This greatly affects the economy and how that money will have to be recovered. 


On a more local level CHSSA, the authoritative voice for Colorado’s Sports, has cancelled Springs sports for the rest of the years. This means girls soccer, boys volleyball, girls tennis, boys baseball, cheer and poms, girls golf, boys swimming, and track just lost their entire season. Many, many Doherty students are extremely saddened by this announcement, as a lot of the athletes were seniors who were looking forward to signing and playing in college. 


Freshman Elena Mansfield who is a varsity cheerleader says, “Part of our season got cancelled and now we have to do online tryouts. I mostly feel for the seniors who lost their final sports season. It’s really unfortunate.”


Also, Junior Erin Capell who plays varsity track says, “I’m upset that I didn’t get to have my spring sports season. I was really looking forward to having fun at state this year.”


However, despite this tragedy, D11 and other participation Colorado Springs districts have been participating in an activity called #Bethelight. This is a twitter hashtag which is trying to encourage athletes to still have fun in quarantine, and support those who are in need. For example, Garry Berry Stadium is leaving the football field lights on every night, as an effort to “BetheLight” during these difficult times. 


Many athletes around CO Springs have made signs with their teammates, and have talked to their relatives and made an effort to be in their lives. Without sports, many of us are lost, or just flat out bored. Many channels such as ESPN are replaying past sports games and highlights to entertain the public. However, to many of us, it’s just not the same entertainment as a live game. Many are hoping that everything returns to normal by the summer or fall just in time for a new sports season.