Need info about Senior Pics?


Brien Lemon

The senior student section watching the assembly.

Jenny George

Getting to choose your high school yearbook photo is a tradition we want to keep, especially with so much uncertainty and so many other events and activities on hold. Some families pay a professional photographer to take tons of images with multiple locations and outfits. Some families just rely on the registration photo if it turns out nice. And, of course, some families will have someone take the photo either on a cell phone or with a DSLR, and then submit it to the yearbook photo link. You choose what works for you! Our job is to get all of the photos, so we will keep hounding you until we do!

To ensure uniformity and good picture, the following guidelines will be strictly followed:

  •  All photos must be at 300 dpi (most digital camera files are already at this resolution). If you are scanning photos at home, make sure your scanner is set to 300 dpi or higher. 
  • File size must be a minimum of 300 kb. 
  • Photos with nudity, inappropriate gestures will be rejected and we will ask you to submit digital replacement photos. 


  •  SIZE: 2 1/4 to 2 1/2”by 3 1/4”high (wallet size) 
  • FINISH: No pictures that include a company logo. No black and white pictures. 
  • BACKGROUND: Any photo background that does not obscure identification (ex: shadows). 
  • POSE: Forward facing HEAD/BUST shots only. Full length or full body shots will not be accepted. Picture will be cropped to fit requirements. This may affect resolution and clarity. NO PROPS. 
  • ATTIRE: School appropriate dress or better. Clothing must comply with the Doherty High School dress code or better. Examples include but are not limited to: NO SPAGHETTI STRAPS OR STRAPLESS TOPS! NO HATS! No t-shirts, caps and gowns, jackets, or other attire that would not be considered dressy or school appropriate. 

Deadline information coming soon! There will be a $20 late fee if you miss the deadline, so make sure you make plans soon!  Please email [email protected] if you have questions. Click here to submit: