California is On Fire

Lexi Mendez

The California fire season has been incredibly active these last few months. Currently there are 23 fires burning in California and thousands of acres of land are going with it. Why might you ask is this fire season so bad well with a record heat wave land has become dry, and the forests are overgrown and extremely dry due to a drought. Also adding to these conditions are spontaneous lightning strikes in random areas which due to the dry land is sparking up fires. With all the fires happening and the wind uncertain, fires are spreading in certain areas because of California’s diablo winds. Currently helping put out the fires are 12,500 firefighters.

On September 5th, 2020, in El Dorado Ranch in Yucaipa, California, a fire started when a couple set off a firework for their child’s gender reveal. “A smoke generating pyrotechnic device, used for a gender reveal party is blamed for the start of this fire by the California department of forestry and fire protection.” The fire started at 10:23 am on a Saturday morning. This specific fire has so far burned about 7,050, acres and has made 3,000 people evacuate from their homes. Currently, there are three of the four largest California fires ablaze. As of September, twenty-eighth 3,627,010 acres of land have burned along with those acres 7,630 structures have burned and there have been 26 fatalities.