Searching for Silver Linings in a Dark Time

Ian Cardenas, Staff Writer

Since March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has spread across the world, forcing most public spaces to shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. The spread has inevitably continued with 35 million cases worldwide. Although many of these places have now reopened in our country, as well as in our state of Colorado. However, some schools remain closed or partially closed, including Doherty High School. 

It has been easy to find the negatives in these changes, but many have done the opposite by looking for light in these dark times. Online Distance-Learning has been one of those changes, allowing school to continue without students having to physically be there. Most opinions of it have been negative, on both sides. Nevertheless, there is always a silver lining, and some of the students from Doherty High School have shared the positive things that they enjoy from this experience.

What are the positives of being online? ”I enjoy being able to leave and go to the bathroom during class”, said junior Hayley Miller. Another junior, Noelle Bivens, agreed.

Oftentimes during in-person learning, students were subject to limited bathroom access, having a set number of bathroom/hall passes per quarter. As well as hallway access being limited or sometimes, the privilege being absent in some classes. Being in their own homes, students now have the liberty to go as they please.

“I really enjoy being able to keep my camera off for class [because] I don’t have to get ready if I don’t feel like it,” said Noelle.

Dressing up for class is optional, and students can stay in their pajamas, or more casual clothing if they wish, unlike in-person school, where students had to dress appropriately, as well as adhere to the school’s dress code.

The next question, “How would you like these changes to be implemented into in-person school?” sparked similar responses.

“I would like the teachers to give us more time to work, instead of talking most of the class,” replied Hayley Miller. 

“[I would like] just having more time to work on homework, and not being rushed, [being able to] work at my own pace,” said Noelle Bivens. 

Overall, there are many positives that can be taken away from the impact of COVID-19 on school, for students and teachers. The silver linings are present, and hopefully, some of these improvements can be implemented upon the students’ return to make school an overall much more pleasant experience.