Getting Away from Screens During Break

Lexi Mendez, Staff Writer

We have all been so busy these last few weeks getting in school work, studying, or if you’re a teacher, grading papers, and most of this has had to be done behind the screen of your computer. With this break, we should try to get away from screens for a little while so we can relax because this is a break we all need with this school year so far so here are some ideas to get you away from the computer screen.

Firstly, a relaxing thing to do is to take a walk outside maybe even bring a pet or family member with you so you can get some fresh air and have time to think about anything but try to think about something that is not stressful because you want to be relaxed over your break. Another fun thing to do with your time is to read a book. I know for some that might be boring, but reading can be fun if you have a good book, and it can also help relax people, so maybe try to read a book for 30 minutes to an hour or more if you would like.

Spend some time with you family members. You can play board games with them or watch a movie. Just do something to spend some time with your family.

With the holidays coming up there are many activities you can do to get away from a screen during your break whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday. Some Christmas related activities you can do are building gingerbread houses, baking Christmas cookies or treats that your family likes to make. Something else that you can do is watch Christmas movies. There are a lot of them out there, so watch one.

Some other things to do that don’t involve technology is art. You can paint, draw, and color pictures. Now I know that people won’t be spending the entire break away from screens because of being on our phones and watching TV, but maybe try to take breaks from it and do other activities just so you can take a break away from technology for a little. You can also try and go skateboarding if the snow ends up melting “something that I think is fun and doesn’t involve having a screen around is skateboarding I do that a lot when I want to do something other than be on my phone,” said Karli Gaylord. Other activities you can do are sledding if it ever snows enough, you can also play in the snow in general like building snowmen and or having snowball fights just something to get outside and get some fresh air.

“Something that I do that helps me relax is laying and bed and taking a nap, I also like to eating snacks that are made for my family makes for the holiday,” said Emma Trumbell. Other than trying some fun activities take care of yourselves over this break because I know that this school year has been pretty stressful so take some time for yourselves. Now those are some ideas for you during this time off to get away from your technology try some of them and try to have a relaxing winter break.