Is a Game Really Worth It?

Naven Morgan, The Spartan Staff

For the first time in football history, the Denver Broncos weren’t able to use their three starting quarterbacks on our beloved Denver team. Drew Lock, Brett Rypien and Jeff Driskel, three of our leading quarterbacks, were out because they had not followed protocols related to the virus Covid-19. This recent development in football news has had some fans asking is it worth it for these people to be potentially putting their lives on the line for a game?

Well, it is really quite dependent on the fan you ask. Some have completely different answers. One of my sources, Jack Bopp, a former student of Doherty High School, says that is worth it because ‘’in times of pandemic people are stressed and they need some entertainment and they are already under the same conditions because it’s putting their life on the line because it is a physical sport obviously not in the same severity but nonetheless.’’

Another Doherty High School student, Ian Ramirez, says that it is not worth it. He says, “It sets a bad example for the football players that they are so unmotivated to play the game and if they think they can get away with just playing a mediocre game so it’s not even worth the entertainment not worth potentially dying.’’

When it comes down to it, it really depends on the fan and their own beliefs but we need to consider all the variables of the fans and the players and ask ourselves is it really worth it?

I think they should take a break and not risk spreading to everyone. That could shut down the whole industry.