Basketball COVID Restrictions Impact Games


Avery Blanc

Jv Spartan basketball

Megan Vigil, Staff Writer

This year with sports, it has been anything but normal. When it comes to wearing masks, social distance, limited people, etc. CHSAA has finally decided to let basketball have a season. Both teams will have 14 games each to play this season, it’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing. Unfortunately, all basketball players must wear masks while playing. This makes it harder to breathe, and not everyone is happy with it. According to JV player Avery Blanc, “I would rather not wear a mask, but I will do whatever it takes to get our season in for this year. I feel it is unfair that we must wear masks and the football players didn’t, but they were also outside and had helmets on to protect them from COVID, so I understand. The cases were also lower at the time, and things were getting better. Now the cases are rising again, and we must be inside a building and are passing around a ball without bare hands. Therefore, I think the masks are more necessary even though I don’t want to wear them, but I am just happy to be back in season and on the court again!” 

The last season of sports included football; when it came to this sport, the restrictions differed. When the football players were on the field, they didn’t have to wear masks; some people found that fair and others didn’t. According to Varsity player Conner Eggleton, “This football season was defiantly different than past years with new restrictions. However, we didn’t have to wear masks while playing, and it was a great feeling because I could breathe. We never even had to practice in masks, although we did have to work out in them, which was hard for me. I found myself taking multiple breaks outside. I personally think it was fair that we didn’t have to wear masks because we weren’t as close, we weren’t inside a building, and when we were passing around the football, some of us had gloves on.” Sure not everyone has the same opinions on sports restrictions, but every player is happy to have a season during these difficult times.