Fashion: What’s in, What’s out, What brings you up, What brings you down?

Isabella McClanahan and Chloe Seay

As we are one month in the new year- the new decade in fact, we can expect new ideas, inventions, apps, people, you name it. A fresh year means fresh beginnings. We can already see new ideas coming fourth especially when more ideas are normalized and the standards of the past are broken. One trend that has been hugely accepted is the “skater” or “grunge” style. This usually consists of baggy clothes, such as oversized hoodies, flannels, bigger jeans, sweatpants, or other types of pants. As for shoes, vans can be a popular choice because they are a skating brand. Jay said, “skating is a trend” so she likes to “buy vans and really big hoodies or shirts,” which falls right into the “skater” vibe. As Coloradans, this style can tie very well into the cold weather. With us having these low temperature days, it is now stylish to layer with the types of clothes. Another style that has been popularized lately is the “Indie Kid” style. This runs along the lines of alternative clothing, but unlike the “skater” style the clothes are usually more colorful. Pictures with this style appear to be more saturated as well. Many teenagers aspire to these new trendy types of fashion. Clothes that fall under this style are affordable because of thrifting being popularized. You can dress baggy, or tight clothed and still look stylish!

With so many people having such vast interests and hobbies and passions there’s no doubt you’ll see people dress very similar or completely different. There is a lot of trends that to tend to die out or arise quickly. Some months it feels like we’ve gone back in time because everyone is dressing as if we’re back in the 70’s-90’s or it looks like we’ve jumped back to the future. No matter your style, aesthetic, where you shop something that you’re always wearing is a smile. How do your clothes make you feel? Do you really try when it comes to getting ready every day? What looks best on you? I guarantee you’ve asked yourself something along those lines or maybe you’ve never realized that the shirt you wear could make or break your day. I had talked with a few students about 5 different questions. 1, What colors do you feel you look best in? 2, What style would you categorize yourself? 3, Do you have a favorite trend? 4, When you go shopping for new clothes/shoes, where do you shop and what do you buy? Lastly, Does your style make you feel confident or could you put more effort in? Here’s what I got, Taylor Hill says,” I feel pretty good in Black, I’d say my style is tomboyish and the most trendy thing I like is TikTok I guess, I usually buy flannels and converse from thrift stores or Walmart. Honestly I feel like I could step it up.” Sidney Turk said,” I feel like I look best in blues and I think my style is like casual/trendy and I really like the indie/hipster clothes that have been trending. I usually end up buying shorts and tops, basics that I can wear to school and places like that. For the most part I do feel confident about getting new clothes to help my style out.” Jayden Mcnatt told me,” I feel like I look best in black, and I have maybe a skater style, I don’t know if its really a trend but I really love skating. I usually like to buy vans or really big hoodies or shirts. When I wear my style of mom jeans, and vans and big shirts makes me feel really good because it doesn’t show my shape.” I than asked her with how she respond to 5, if she had any advice for someone who felt that way and she said, ” Just wear what makes you feel fits you whether that’s skin tight shirts or shirts as big as you, it looks beautiful either way!” Kelly Martin had said, ” Definitely black and blues, skater vibes with a bit of a basic girl and if thrifting is still a trend then thrifting. I love sweaters and YES I love my style!” I asked her because she said yes for question 5 if she had any tips or suggestions for people struggling to find confidence in their style. She responded with, “Ok sure!! So something a lot of people say limits them dressing in a style the like is money. So I’d recommend thrifting or going to garage sales! Even asking grandparents or your mom and dad for old clothes. Learn to modify or sew and it’s a life changer, or was for me anyways.” Now I had tried getting a guys perspective from school but I heard nothing back. Everyone is different in every way. The most common thing is how we feel about how others look at us. What do they think? Do I look like her/him? Am I too big for this dress? So many doubts, and so many unhealthy comparisons.

An article from The Sydney Morning Herald called ” Fashion and mood: how clothes affect your emotions” by  Jo Hartley reads, “Several studies show our mood can be affected depending on what we wear. Likewise, how we feel upon waking can affect our choice of outfit and subsequent moods. A 2012 study by Professor Karen Pine, from the psychology department at the University of Hertfordshire in Britain, found 57 per cent of women admitted to wearing a baggy top when depressed, compared to a 2 per cent wearing one when feeling happy. Similarly, 62 per cent would put on a favorite dress when happy, compared to 6 per cent when sad. And the outfit women turn to when they are feeling down? Jeans, with more than half of the 100 women interviewed turning to their trusty denims on a blue day. “Happy” clothes tend to be those that are flattering, well tailored and made from bright and beautiful fabrics, Professor Pine said.” Baggy shirts and sweats and very minimal effort can definitely make it hard to feel energized and happy. Same goes for everyone, men and boys may wear sweats, athletic wear almost on a daily basis. Work clothes or business attire can impact their moods and mindset just as much as women. Guys, when you get ready for a date or a good night with friends and your date says “That shirt looks really nice on you, blue brings out your eyes.” You’ll most likely want to wear that shirt again and you’ll wear blue more often. Compliments create a good, positive connection with certain clothes. Better yet learn to compliment yourself some days. I know some days the mirror seems to be against us. It feels as if you’re standing in front of a fun house mirror and it’s showing every little flaw. Stop it. Stop those voices and put on that shirt that you love or get all dressed up and see the beauty inside start coming out.

Here’s some more tips:

Wear clothes that fit beautifully and feel physically good, such as cashmere, cotton or wool silk blends.

Remove things from your wardrobe with negative associations.

Donate clothes that no longer fit – let someone else enjoy them.

Try to avoid item shopping. Instead focus on outfit shopping so that you have clothes that co-ordinate.

Cull your wardrobe twice annually – once per season.

To help cull, face all your hangers the wrong way at the beginning of the season, and only replace them the right way when you wear the item. Anything still facing the wrong way at the end of the season can go.

Don’t buy clothing that is “out of your comfort zone” – the chances are you won’t wear it, or will feel self-conscious if you do.

Use “‘hero” pieces to make an outfit shine – this can be a necklace, special top, pair of pants or even heels.

Learn which colors and cuts flatter you.

Emphasize your assets and play down features you dislike.

Call a friend or your significant other talk to them about how you’re feeling and focus on lifting your mood and brightening your spirits. Confidence is key for so many things. Try different styles, wear crazy colors or darker colors, get out of your comfort zone! You make your day so wear what you want and love yourself!