Harvest of Love Total


Photo Curtesy of DHS Staff

Doherty Student Council

Deztine Carter, Spartan Life Editor, Staff Writer

A round of applause to Doherty’s Student Council. They, along with Ashley Brewer and Kit Bowie, were able to present the final amount in terms of the Care and Share’s annual Harvest of Love campaign!!!


Lynne Telford (CEO of Care and Share) and Shannon Coker (Doherty Alumna) addressed the Doherty Student Council, expressing the heartfelt appreciation for their contribution to aiding in this campaign when many schools opted out of this opportunity.

At the end of an amazing campaign, Doherty Student Council gathers for the results. The big reveal of all the hard work DHS and its community has done. (Photo Courtesy of DHS Staff)

Through their utmost commitment, Mrs. Bowie and Mrs. Brewer continued their campaign throughout the roller coaster of obstacles thrown their way. Their desire to serve and selflessness has ultimately helped Southern Colorado and it’s community.

Mrs. Leisure gives her regards and thanks to the Doherty community, staff, students, and council members for their contributions. Collecting 1,749 pounds of food and $28,988, in grand total, Doherty High School contributed (in terms of pounds of food) 291,632 pounds of food. Not only did we do this, but it was done with a steadfast leadership during a pandemic. This proves to show that where there’s a will there’s a way. Spartans utilized our motto We Before Me and helped hundreds of families in the Colorado Community!