How To Know You Have Good Relationships.

There’s a lot of toxicity in this world. A lot of fake people that may seem real but will later turn on you. Sometimes you will not even see it coming. Here are some tips to stay caution of who you trust.

One tip is to surround yourself with positive people. The positive people will always be the ones who bring you up, not down. Doherty freshman Gabriel Pacheco says, “the real ones always make you get back up, but the fake ones leave you there to suffer.” Good friends will also celebrate small accomplishments. Also, the positive ones will often try and keep everybody happy, and make other people have worth in their life.

Good friends will never ask for anything where as a lot of fake friends or relationships will use you to get something they cannot get themselves for example, like homework, test answers, popularity money etc. After they get what they want from you they will leave because they do not need you anymore because they got what they wanted.

Trust is always the most important thing in relationships. You should only trust close friends you have known for a while, because you may have something not everybody needs to know. Fake friends will do their best to tell everyone what you told them because there trying to destroy you as a person, because they do not care about your feelings at all. Close friends will always keep your secrets safe and will try to help you in the best way they can.

True friends will always know when something is wrong. If something is going on at home or something bad happens, they will always be there as much as they can. Good friends will always answer their phone or will always be willing to talk no matter what time night or day it is they will always be available for you. Fake friends will try and make you feel weak or bad about something, and they will never help you and just ignore you. They will only talk to you when it benefits them, or they need something.

Real friends also do not judge you for your past mistakes. They will not care because they know you are better and know everyone makes mistakes. Fake friends will make you feel terrible and that you are worth nothing for what you did and your unfixable. The past does not matter treat every day as a fresh restart because you cannot change the past. You just move forward from it and forget about it because if it is something not that serious it is not going to affect your future later down the road.

Always make sure your relationship goes both ways, and not only one is putting in effort for a relationship because it takes two. Fake friends will try and shove you away, and not put in effort to talk to you at all. One friend is not supposed to do everything. Like for example, if one buys food one day the next time the other friend pays. Also, close friends never steal from one another and communicate if they take something or are borrowing it. Fake friends will not communicate with you and will just take things without asking.

True friends will always be there no matter what and will never let you fall. If you are going down a rough road or are really struggling, they will be there. Real friends you can always talk to or go to for help with anything. Doherty freshman Jaiden Abeyta says, “a real friend is a person that truly cares about your feeling, a fake friend is a person who always ask for help but when ask them for help there not there.” Therefore, you always look for friends that will bring you up.

Dating relationships, are something you really must be careful with. Find someone that cares about you and always checks up on you. If the person does not check up on you there is not worth your time relationships go both ways, not just one.

Doherty senior Isabella McClanahan says, “No matter how old or young you are when you have your first sincere relationship, it’s is a complete rollercoaster. You have the mazing parts where you feel like you are going up so high, but then there are times where you will plummet or hit a few bumps. To stay on track it takes teamwork, communication, strong friendship and above all else love. Love is a big word and relationships are such an important thing when it comes to life and individual lives. Personally, my boyfriend and I are going on eight months and I hope it lasts forever. Throughout nine months of being good friends, to him turning into so much more there is a lot we both have learned. For example, hard trials come and go when they do it is usually amazing to have someone’s love and support through the bad. To have their backs and give them a shoulder to lean on. Whether you believe in soulmates and destiny or that God has a plan, falling in love is something everyone does. Without commitment, faithfulness, communication, friendship and realizing your relationship will not be the same as others on social media and in life. It will be hard to have a serious relationship.  I’m with my best friend and my person, and I just hope that everyone can find their special someone someday.”

I would say that is some valuable advice. I agree we are all still incredibly young. We have a lot of time to find are special someone. Wouldn’t you rather find that someone first instead of being in multiple relationships? Things will happen over time and when you least expect it and that is okay. So, do not feel left out or sad because you do not have someone, yet your day will come. It is not all going to be easy relationships take a lot of work. For example, communication you are both giving effort into the relationship and you talk through things when times get rough etc.

Those are some tips I hope help you remember to be careful with who you trust, and do not let anyone bring you down.