A Fashionable Summer!


Michelle Mosley

Michelle Mosley sent in a 90’s inspired outfit she’ll be wearing this summer.

Nivea Taquira, Staff Writer

Don’t you think all of us can’t wait for a break, especially with all that has been going on?  Summer is the season where you bring out your best looks! What’s your style… is it casual, exotic, girly, sporty, or aesthetic? There’s so many different styles and clothing you can show off and look good in. Especially if you are still looking for your unique style. Even if you don’t have a specific style, you can still pick through a lot of different styles. I’m going to explain different types of styles and provide some personal advice that may help you choose a style for the upcoming summer months!

 Let’s start off by explaining the casual looks. Casual looks are a very simple style. You can simply choose through all types of colors and clothing textures. Try to choose from colors that go well with your skin tone. With the casual styles, you can definitely choose through all types of colors! Casual looks can be very comfortable and you can also look very classy and formal. For example, you can pull off an all-black shirt with white-cut jeans and all-white or black vans. Another outfit you could wear is a nude T-shirt dress with a jean jacket and white sandals. Things as simple as that are considered a casual look/style, is this your type of style? For more information on the casual style, you can go to HerStyleCode.

The next style is exotic. Exotic has all types of colors in 1 piece of clothing! Now, this style is kind of everywhere with colors and accessories. This type of style is hard to explain, so I will add a website for more ideas. Mainly for the exotic style, I would prefer to wear dresses, especially for the summer. If you love patterns and stripes, you would love the exotic style. It brings out more bright colors and different shapes on the clothing. Exotic style is perfect for the summer because you can show off an awesome, unique outfit. If you also like wearing jewelry, exotic is an awesome style for you because you can add different accessories to the style like sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Is this your type of style?  This is the website for more information and ideas on exotic styles.

For the girly style, the colors are the same as the exotic style. Girly style also has a mix with casual because you can wear different types of clothing and textures. Same as the casual: Definitely find a color that goes great with your skin tone. I interviewed Michelle Mosley. She’s a student from Doherty and she said her style is more girly. A question I asked was, what would she prefer to wear during the summer. Michelle Mosley stated, “ A pink jacket with an all-white crop top shirt, with light blue jeans and Nike air forces.” A girly style is more of you showing your skin a lot more than other types of fashion. For the summer you could rock a nice pair of heels with your girly style. Is this your type of style? If you want to know more information about this style you can go to PureWow.

Michelle Mosley shows off another summery outfit she’ll be wearing this summer.

Sporty styles have more to do with trendy brands such as Jordans, Adidas, Champion, or Nikes. I would involve myself more in a sporty style. I love wearing Nike clothing the most because it’s very comfortable. Jordans are my favorite shoe brand, my favorite shoe brand would be the Jordan 1’s they can go with any style. Some advice for the sporty style is to make sure your brands somewhat match, I would prefer to not wear a Nike shirt with champion joggers and Jordans on, make sure your brands somewhat go together. Is this your type of style? For more information, you can go to HerStyleCode.

“Aesthetic” is a very trendy style as well. It’s more of a 90’s type of style also. There are different types of aesthetic colors you can choose, such as bright colors or all-black clothing. Oversized clothing such as T-shirts and jeans is perfect for an aesthetic style. I interviewed Kendal Garcia, she has a very aesthetic style. A question I asked her was what would she prefer to wear on a daily basis? Kendal Garcia said, “An oversized black and white flannel, with a black shirt, baggy light jeans, and Converse.” Is this your style? For more information, you can go to AestheticallyChicBeauty.

I really hope I gave you all great ideas and tips for your summer fashion this year. Have fun playing around and choosing through different styles that you may find nice and fitting for you.