courtesy Jende Korngor

The Performing Arts keep Emelia going at Doherty High School.

Jende Korngor, Staff Writer

Emilia Kinder is currently enrolled at Doherty and has lived in Colorado for a very long time, but travels often “being that my family is from California, we visit often though I am from here, Colorado.” She talks about her perspective on how time has flown: “I’m 16 going on to 17, it’s honestly mind blowing. It feels like Corona made the process [of aging] go faster.”

Emilia expresses herself through the performing arts, but she changes her appearance often as a way of expression: “I color my hair constantly to express myself, and wear clothes that fit with my personality.” Emilia’s passion for performing goes farther than high school: “I plan to go to college and study theater, since it’s something I find entertainment in.”

Emilia is a sophomore Performing Arts student and loves what they do, “I’m in a department that has been rarely recognized, but I love it!” She speaks about how welcoming the students and staff in the Performing Arts Department of Doherty are very welcoming. “There is very little judgment, and I can be myself around the people there. Everyone is always so kind and I love seeing ways others express themselves.” Being in the Performing Arts, specifically Theater, Girls’ Choir and being in the arts scene since middle school, doing Show Choir all through her middle school years, and playing Jasmine in the Aladdin play for Sabin Middle School, and receiving many solo opportunities during their time in middle school choir has shaped how she is today “ Coming out of classes like theater and choir always puts me in a good mood, because it’s something I’m so passionate about.”

Unfortunately, with the spread of COVID, the performing arts haven’t been the same since. “We haven’t been able to have a stable performance all year, and when we did it, was last minute and planned poorly. We felt like our spotlight was cut out.”

Outside of the arts, Emilia spends most of her time skate-boarding, painting, and drawing. She explains, “I’m very active outside of school, ”

Emilia’s passion as a performer has become the reason for her happiness, and she finds herself feeling her best when she is performing. “As a student, things get stressful and I use the arts as an escape from that stress.  I feel more alive,” she said. She explains how restraining school is while in the Performing Arts Department it feels more carefree and laid back. “The people in the department are so genuine and calm and care for one another.”

Emilia’s all round reputation among students is by far positive. Tino Baca is a close friend of Emilia and says that she is the greatest person they know with her genuine personality and all around welcoming aura.  Her style choice has become something she is somewhat known for .“She’s very kind and nice, she has very cool choices when it comes to style and she is a very good listener.” From other students’ point of view, Emilia has a tendency to leave a good impression on accident. Jasmine Logsdon, a sophomore student from Emilia’s choir class, stated, “She is very quiet, but determined. She gives her all effortlessly when it comes to choir and is honestly a very passionate singer.” Emilia surrounds herself amongst friends who see her as a genuine and loving person. Catalina Estrada, a sophomore and long-term friend of Emilia’s, expressed: “To me she is literally one of the most trustworthy people I know. She is very kind and caring. I respect her for all the stuff she has been through.” Emilia’s all round reputation and relationship with other peers and staff is always positive. Emilia comes off as a determined and passionate singer, while being a caring and loyal friend. 

Jasmine expressed her view of Emilia. “Emilia is an amazing person, and a great student. She brings joy to everything she touches, though she may come off as quiet. She is a silent light of joy.”