Cheer Up: Finishing Strong During the Pandemic


courtesy Christy Decker

Kendall finished her career at Doherty on the cheer team.

Megan Vigil, Staff Writer

Kendall Berg, a 17-year-old senior who just graduated, spent her whole high school career cheering for Doherty high school’s cheer team. “I started cheering because my older sisters did it and I wanted to try it and ended up loving it.  Plus, I also cheered when I was younger,” said Kendall Berg.  “My favorite thing about cheer is being able to make new friends and hanging out with them all the time.”  

Kendall’s first two years of high school she was on junior varsity, then her junior and senior year she was on varsity. Kendall’s older sister Krista Berg was also a varsity cheerleader for Doherty’s team a few years back, and she later became the Junior Varsity coach for Doherty’s team. Kendall said, “Although I will miss all the cheer memories and the love I have for it, I won’t be cheering in college or anything I want to just focus on college for my freshman year, and when I get older maybe I will consider going back to coach or something.” 

Many athletes have role models in the sport they do, Kendall’s biggest role model are her sisters because they cheered before her, and she looked up to them. Every sport that took place this year at Doherty was affected by COVID somehow. Kendall said, “COVID basically took away all of the things I should have done being a senior and that is upsetting since it is my senior year.“ I’m sure COVID affected all the seniors and senior athletes in some way, but for Kendall, “overall I think my last year on this cheer team it was a good one, and I ended up meeting some amazing new people that will stay in my life forever and crazy memories I will never forget.” Alexah Duque said, “I’ve only known Kendall this year, but I had the pleasure of getting close to her during the cheer season and she is such a sweet soul, and I will miss her funny self and all the practices when she leaves.”  

Kendall graduated on Tuesday May 18th. Kendall is so happy to finally be done with high school because she went through many struggles the whole four years she was here, and she stuck with it and finished strong. During the summer Kendall is planning to get a job and working to save up money for college and other things. Then in August she will be going to Wyoming University to pursue her dream job. Until then she wants to make the most out of her last summer in Colorado with her friends and family until she moves away. “I am very excited to go to college and have the college experience, but I am going to be very said to leave my close friends, family and can’t forget about my dogs,” said Kendall. Kendall is hoping that her first year in college will not be affected as much by covid. Kendall also said. “Senior [year] was everything but normal due to everything covid changed and took away from us and I hoping for the best sense I will be in a new state and a new school for college.”