Internet Stability a Problem at Doherty

After the pandemic and having to go remote all the students and staff are now realizing that most everything can be done remotely or online. This makes the internet a very essential thing that we didn’t rely on as much before the pandemic. But unfortunately, Doherty High School doesn’t have consistent internet most days, and maybe it’s because the server isn’t used to having so many people on it, or maybe it’s just that the internet itself isn’t amazing. This results in many students and staff complaining about the internet, and most people don’t know why it’s like this or what we can do to fix it.

Staff was sent an email that there is a pattern in the internet that every Friday around 8:30 goes out or acts weird till 2:00, and said to be careful during the day that something is messing up the server. It’s not just that computers won’t load, it’s also that the internet will be connected with no bars or server connection, and the computers either won’t connect to projectors or constantly lag if they are connected to computers. Also assignments and grades won’t load.

Many of the complaints come from students, because being on the computer almost all day means you always know when the issues are. “I’ve tried to email my teachers on my grades but the internet does not let it go through,” 9th grader Frankie stated. “When it’s time to do your work the internet does not work,” said 9th grader Alli Bennett. “It breaks down a lot during math and we can’t do our assignment which inflects on our grades,” said 9th grader Gavin Spillane. These are student opinions on the internet, meaning it’s not just a few classes that spread around the whole school on how crappy the internet is.

But the most important part of all of this is fixing it. An interview with one of the library technology technicians said that they are trying to fix the issue but it seems to be harder than it looks. So they have been trying many things to find the issue. Such as when library technology technician Craig Seay stated, “…we have a couple boxes in place that are analyzing the amount of traffic from all the devices in the area,” which explains that they have been trying to find the super busy areas to control them first. Also they have been doing other things such as, “They’ve been systematically making parts glitch so they can gather their data and try and troubleshoot,” described Craig Seay.