Doherty High School’s FBLA Qualifies for State


FBLA team pose for a picture.

Elizabeth Dalton, Spartan Life Editor

On February 9, 2022, Doherty High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) participated in a competition in order to qualify for FBLA State, which will take place in April.

They walked away with 14 people qualifying for State in various competitions (several students qualified for more than one).

“There are more than 70 different competitive events you can choose to compete in, ranging from Digital Video Production, Computer Game Design, Website design, and Word Processing to Accounting, Agribusiness, Insurance Management, Political Science, Client Services, and Sports Management,” Charmyn Neumeyer explained.

These competitions are meant to prepare and shape students for a successful life after school.

According to the FBLA’s mission statement, they are an organization developed to “ [inspire] and [prepare] students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.”

Besides academic skills, FBLA also encourages students to become better in their personal lives as well. The FBLA website has a code of ethics that prompts students to be honest, respectful, and have initiative.

Doherty High School students spend many hours working on the skills and projects used to compete in the FBLA competitions.

“You can think of the preparation that goes into…competitions the same way you think of success in the classroom or in the swimming pool or on the tennis court, students spend a great deal of time preparing to be successful,” Neumeyer illustrated.

In the email, Neumeyer sent to staff to congratulate students she communicated her pride in the students.

“I am so proud of them!” Neumeyer expressed, “Many of these kids work full-time jobs, play sports, and are getting it done in the classroom too, in addition to their performance today.”

Doherty FBLA students are definitely a shining model of what it means to be a Spartan, with all their hard work and effort they are setting an example for students to come!

Congratulations Doherty Students! We are so proud of your amazing work and wish you well at State!

Go Spartans!


All students who qualified for state are listed below:

Accounting I: 5th Cameron Alaniz, 4th Lexus Montez

Accounting II: 4th Cameron Alaniz, 2nd Lexus Montez, 1st Nhan Nguyen

Agribusiness: 4th Marin Stevens

Healthcare Administration: 4th Marin Stevens

Insurance and Risk Management: 1st Mahri Benson

Political Science: 3rd Rachael Kolarik

UX Design: 5th Rebecca Whittemore

 Business Calculations: 2nd Sydney Pavetti, 1st Chay Neumeyer

Spreadsheet Analysis: 1st Chay Neumeyer

Word Processing: 1st Rebecca Whittemore

Client Services: 4th Maya Galloway

Digital Video Production: 2nd Kate Clay/Sofia Cortes

Sports and Entertainment Marketing: 3rd Ayden Bouziden-LeGrange and Garrick Patterson