Ways to Ask Someone Out

     When we’re talking about liking a person, would you rather approach and tell them in person or just shoot them a text that you do? Here are some tips.

When telling them in person, be very calm and know what you’re going to say, so you don’t get caught up in your own breath trying to speak to a person that you really like, like I would too. Maybe ask them if they want to hang out somewhere or ask them on a date. The person you like may be in their head, like wow they came up to me and asked me, he or she is bold. People may find it very attractive.

Now when we’re talking about texting them that you like them and to hangout or whatever, it’s still bold, but not bold enough if you catch my drift. Sometimes when texting, the text can be interpreted differently than you intended when the person is reading it. We are teenagers, yes sure we have our own lives, but we kind of can’t live it now. It’s not like we live on our own and go to the place you can meet up at in a car if you have one. Texting is sometimes the best when planning beforehand when you guys do go out.

Talking on the phone is a mix of both. A lot of people like calling instead of texting and that’s totally okay. At least you’re still telling or asking the person yourself. The adrenaline could be nice too, like oh my gosh, I’m really telling or asking this person to hangout out and that I like them. There’s also a fear of rejection, and I mean who doesn’t fear that. I feel doing it on the phone is very bold as well. When you guys get off the phone, you will be smiling afterwards and telling all your friends.