Truckers and the COVID-19 Vaccine


COVID-19 is a huge part of the world today. Another problem that brings is whether or not someone takes the COVID-19 vaccine. Many people have lost their jobs, from retail workers to truckers bringing things across the country for refusing to cooperate with mandates, and that includes many of the truckers of the trucking industry who have been told to get the vaccine.

According to the White House Vaccination Policy, “Employees falling under the ETS, CMS, or federal contractor rules will need to have their final vaccination dose – either their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or single dose of Johnson & Johnson – by January 4, 2022.”

The ‘Freedom Convoy’ grew out of protests to this policy, and was “a group of truckers and other recreational and passenger vehicles who started the trip in Barstow, California, to protest vaccine and mask mandates implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said There is also no exact number as to how large the convoy got, but it kept growing in size as they crossed the country.

In Canada, truckers were also driving and making a “Freedom Convoy” to protest the mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine. In the United States the freedom convoy idea was similar. On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, the convoy was in Missoula, Montana. Then on Thursday, March 3, 2022, they were in Wyoming. The convoy continued to take “I-10 interstate straight to the capital, where it would arrive on 6 March,” according to The Guardian.

Many of the truckers thought the mandate was not logical. “The mandate is very unneeded for someone who sits in their truck for the majority of the day, and for when they are out of there truck, it’s for 20 minutes top at most. The convoy is showing their rights that should be respected for truckers. For many of them, this vaccine could also cause more issues that they alrighty have. This hits at a personal level because my father has been a truck driver for 30+ years,” said Matthew Hamilton, 10th grade student.

Truck driver Sonny Graese drove 15 hours, 1000 miles to get to DC. Sonny filled “eight trailers with food and supplies for drives to eat during their stay here.” Sonny and the truckers stayed up in DC for a few days. Driving a semi is hard work and Sonny said, “I’m only doing it for the people who can’t do it themselves.”

The only reason Sonny went with the convoy and the convoy even happening was because, “Our whole purpose was to have the government at least listen to what we have to say.”

Sonny continued to say, “people don’t understand what the convoy is about . They think it’s about fuel prices, vaccine passports, vaccines, republicans versus democrats, and etc… This convoy is about getting rid of the Emergency Powers Act. As long as the Emergency Powers Act is active, we really don’t have any freedom.”

The Emergency Powers Act is “To terminate certain authorities with respect to national emergencies still in effect, and to provide for orderly implementation and termination of future national emergencies.” From Govinfo

Now near the end of April airports and major flights have removed the mask mandate. shared: “The rule was due to expire after May 3, though the Biden administration said it plans to appeal this week’s court ruling if the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deems masks still necessary on public transportation.”