Doherty Students Disect Sharks


Carolynn Butts

Students Emma Franklin, Mia Sagapolu,and Luciana Clark hold up dissected baby sharks.

Elizabeth Dalton, Spartan Life Editor

Last week, Carolynn Butts, Doherty’s Oceanography teacher dissected sharks with her students as an end-of-the-year treat.

Students were able to learn the different parts of the shark as well as have a fun, hands-on approach to learning.

“It was pretty fun,” Senior Connor Skelton said. “It was a cool way to mix things up. You hear about people dissecting other things, but never sharks.”

After students opened up the sharks, there was another fun surprise. Some students found that inside their sharks, there were baby sharks. This added to the effect as well as presented another learning opportunity!

See below for cool shots of the students dissecting!