Doherty High School Has Some “AVID” Gardeners!


Gina Turner

AVID students work in the garden!

Elizabeth Dalton, Spartan Life Editor

The AVID program is designed to help students learn problem-solving abilities by relying on themselves and their peers.

On Friday, April 29th AVID students went outside to practice these skills while simultaneously making the world more beautiful. They worked on the AVID Garden, planted five years ago by previous AVID students and teachers.

Staff and students came together (some outside of the AVID program) to help make the garden successful.

Below are a list of students who helped!

Seniors Juniors Sophomores
Bachelor, Gavin Hunsucker, Deanna Abbott, Kayla
Bertolami, Reyna Perkins, Madelyn Barrera, Amaya
Biggs, Vaughn Portaleos, Ouray Behnke, Emily
Brunner, Samantha Reynolds, Taylor Byers, Ben
Buenavista, Vianca Serrano, Christian Franz, Trevor
Burkhart, Keturah Trumbly, Ariannah Knapp, Hailey
Collins, Brieyelle Latimer, Solomon
Isensee, Evan Rojas, Angela
Kelley, Stephen Sack, Riley
Kennedy, Tevin Wittrock, Dayton
Rios, Makaylie
Rueter, Isaiah
Stewart, Jessica
Szretter, Jason
Trujillo, Isabel