Understanding It All

Quick Read

While understanding it all is nearly impossible, trying to understand it all  is not. Getting into an argument is common for many people. Listening to the other side is not. 

Have you ever gotten into an argument? Let me tell you, I HAVE. I have a very strong opinion that I love to share! However, when people disagree with me, it seems that my ears turn off. Does that happen to you? If it does, here is how I have learned to cope. 

1.)  Take deep breaths! When getting into an argument, many people just want to be correct. What if you’re not? To solve this issue, shut your mouth just for a minute. Inhale for four, hold for four, and exhale for four while listening to the other side of this argument. Then speak your side and expect them to do the same. 

 2.) Stand up. Standing in an argument allows for stress to be minimized. Harvard scientists say, “While talking, stand up and pace back and forth.” While this stress reliever is harder to do, during an argument it is one of the faster relievers. This lets energy out that you would otherwise be using to yell or argue.    

3.) Walk away. Be the bigger person and simply walk away. Don’t ignore the problem, ignore the heat around the problem by separating yourself just for a minute. Once everything has calmed down, rejoin and solve the issue. This will simply eliminate the heat of the fight. Or at least that’s the goal.  

4.) Review. Do you even remember why you are fighting? Think about why you are fighting. Is it that important that you could be potentially ruining a friendship.                                                                  

By doing this you learn much about the other person while saving the trouble of having all of that conflict with that person. A person you may love. The next time you get into a fight try these simple tricks to save or even possibly improving your relationship.