End Zone: Doherty Football, A Team, A Dream,

Rickey Fletcher, #24 on our varsity football team takes position as running back and strong safety as a senior at Doherty. Last year our season was very rough but Rickey never gave up on this family. When Rickey was asked how he feels about this years season he stated, ” We are a maturing family who’s still growing.” Rickey Fletcher has a lot of potential and has a good path ahead of him with the love he has for this sport.
Doherty is not me with out we. We cannot forgot our cheer team doing a great job cheering these young men to victory. One the main bases Mega Vigil, said, ” I am vert nervous and excited for this season but i hope everything goes good.” All these girls are amazing supporters and do an amazing job to get the crowd to join them and help keep these boys heads up while playing through these tough games.
Our Spartans fighting and playing out on that field deserve our support and encouragement. Our home stadium is Garry Berry stadium, always come support these young men who work and play their hardest. They have a brother bond among themselves that is unstoppable once they step on that field. They have 5 staff members with them, but our head coach is coach Hale. Coach hale has been through everything with these boys and when asked how he feels about this season he said, “its better than years in the past and a lot of these guys have grown” These young men always play with confidence and will play their best to win.
#21 Jalen Hale, wide receiver and center back only as a sophomore on our varsity football team. The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning when playing a sport like football, Jalen Hale just as a freshman last year continues to grow and play football for us. This year has been a rough journey but Jalen Hale said. ” This is the best we have been in a long time and we have a true brotherly connection.” Jalen Hale will continue to play and fight as a spartan.
Dominick Solano #2, also a sophomore on our varsity football team, plays as quarterback and center back. Just as a sophomore Dom was our starter at our homecoming football game last week on September 30,2022 which Doherty defeated Mountain Range in. Dominick Solano believes that this season is great saying, ” We are working harder than any other team we have played against and we built a family.”
All these enthusiastic young men are proud to take this picture and call themselves a family. These men right here represent our Doherty varsity football team, not only due to their skills but leadership, cooperation, and their ability to believe in each other. The head coach, Coach Hale has taught these boys how to fight and earn these victories they have got. Not only does he teach them how to be great on the field but off the field too. Coach Hale has bee with these boys through a lot and said, ” It’s better than years in the past, a lot of guys taking accountability of their actions, compete in practice, and try their very best.” The love these boys have driven for this sport is so strong and play each game like its their last.
Marcus Green, #5 a junior here at Doherty plays on our varsity football team as center back and wide receiver. Marcus is a very kind, caring person, and this team should be proud to be have Marcus Green. Marcus was asked if this season was any different from the other ones he has played in. Marcus Green responded with, ” Everyday we are getting more together as a team and have better trust in each other like having each others back when needed.”
One of our running backs on varsity and JV football team is Anthony Carter #25. Anthony has been paying for Doherty since he came here. Anthony Carter said, “This season is where the culture of Doherty has changed.” This season has been a huge impact ad will continue to be.”
Solomon Latimer, #8 as wide receiver is one of our best players out there. Solomon is above national average for yds. and is an amazing player and person off the field. Solomon Latimer is a junior and has gone through a journey and says, ” well i think we are very connected than last year and we are able to finish in close games, and I love the energy and the bond we have as a team.”

Photos courtesy: Christy Decker