How Can Spartans Help?


Walat Gozeh

A bathroom sign showing that the girls bathroom is closed. This has become an epidemic in the school. “They need a good wash” said Gabriella Pacheco-Diehl

The first week of school was very chaotic. The schedule was different, a lot of new students and freshmen were lost and didn’t know where their classes were. From closed bathrooms and pool repairs to school fights, many would say that Doherty is having a rough start. But, during the third week a lot of us got settled with the new schedule and how it was going to be like for the rest of the year. A lot has happened in the first month of school and we still have many months in front of us, but despite the oncoming struggles, students and staff have always found the solution.
During the first two weeks of school, half of the girl’s bathrooms were closed, thus creating long lines during our 5 minute passing period. Not only was it frustrating for many, but teachers would still punish students for coming to class late. Not just the bathrooms, but the pool as well. Wrong chemical balances, flooding basements, and broken ceiling tiles have hindered classes that require swimming for almost the entire first month of school.
Despite all the struggles Doherty has stayed strong throughout all of it and though it’s not going to be easy, this school year we will overcome anything that gets thrown at us and stay strong as a family. However, this raises the question: is Doherty as a whole prepared for this year? As chaotic as it’s been, how can we prevent these misfortunes from repeating? The most we, as students, can do is take care of our school property. Cleaning after ourselves, reporting spills, messes, etc. to the staff immediately, and quit vandalizing bathrooms.