Sleeping Tips

Maybe you have amazing sleep most nights, maybe you have had sleepless nights. Maybe you are wondering how you can sleep better. There are solutions for a better night’s sleep. Sleeping is very important for your health, and the later you go to bed, the later you get up, and if you have to get up early, then it will be hard to wake up. So if you don’t want to wake up feeling sleep deprived, here are some tips to prevent that.

Try to eat dinner earlier
Try to get what you have to get done earlier.
Aim to hit the hay earlier, knowing when you have stuff to do
Have a planned bedtime, it will become a habit.
Make sure you are relaxed
Make sure you are comfortable
Make sure you are not too hot or too cold
Make sure there are e no distractions
Make sure your room is dark.
Cut down on caffeine
Be physically active. The more you exercise the better sleep you will get.

Those are only the tips I had, but I want to see what people have to say about sleeping.Before I let you see the answers to the questions I am going to ask, I am going to answer them. I feel people should get 8-9 hours of sleep. For people who don’t get enough sleep, a way they can get better sleep is to get rid of any stress. I get sleep deprivation every night before t I have to go to school.

How much sleep do you feel people should get?

Mrs. George: “8 hours”
Francis Tayley, 9th grade: “At least 8 hours”
Kaelyn Mueller, 9th grade: “It depends on the person”
Kyleem Fisher, 9th grade: “Between 5-6 hours”

For the people who don’t get enough sleep, what is a way they can get better sleep?

Mrs. George: “They can put distractions in a different room”
Francis Tayley, 9th grade: “Put down the phone”
Kaelyn Mueller, 9th grade: “Calm yourself for at least an hour”
Kyleem Fisher, 9th grade: “Be productive”

How often do you get sleep deprivation?

Mrs. George: “2-3 times a week”
Francis Tayley, 9th grade: “Never”
Kaelyn Mueller, 9th grade: “Constantly”
Kyleem Fisher, 9th grade: “Rarely”